Broward County Housing Authority programs.

The Broward County Housing Authority (BCHA) administers several counseling and other resource for both tenants and homeowners. Advice and assistance is for families that are having trouble paying their mortgage, families struggling with paying their rent, and individuals trying to rebuild their credit.  BCHA is a federal government certified HUD counseling agency that addresses rent, mortgage, and homeownership issues. Specialists will work with clients to develop a case management program and create a plan for a wide range of housing issues.

Mortgage programs, including delinquency support, is for people facing a foreclosure. Counselors from the housing authority will help to solve housing related issues by reviewing the client's current housing situation and examining the existing loan. Some of what may be provided as part of default/delinquency assistance is the following.

  • Negotiate loan modifications on your behalf with your bank or lender.
  • Create a budget and explore household finances.
  • The counselor can help bridge any communication gap between lenders and homeowner associations.
  • In rare occasions, direct financial assistance may be an option.

Families looking to buy a home in Broward County Florida can participate in the First Time Homebuyers Workshop. Sessions can educate prospective homebuyers and provide them with an opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion. The workshops will explore the roles of the sellers and buyers and the various professionals involved. One-on-one counseling will provide information on understanding credit, predatory lending, mortgage financing, tax relief programs, and fair housing issues.

All of these classes and workshops are meant to help potential homebuyers with understanding the home purchase process and put them into a better place when it comes to buying a home or condominium. The sessions are normally help at least once per month at the main housing authority office which is at 4780 North State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319. To learn more or for the latest schedule, call (954) 497-4583.




Self-sufficiency is coordinated from the Broward County Housing Authority Resident Relations Department. The objective is to help increase a residents’ self-sufficiency by linking them to or offering services they need and want. It is available for low income families, senior citizens, and other needy individuals. Among other things it will help people improve the overall quality of their life and maintain independence. Case managers and staff provide resources and information that help residents in achieving their educational, economic and other lifetime goals.

Self-sufficiency incorporates individual needs assessment, money management counseling, referrals to outside resources, home ownership counseling and referral, and information on rental assistance and voucher programs.

The Broward County Housing Authority works to increase the availability of low income housing units in the region. They strive to make a variety of rental housing, apartments and housing assistance options available to income qualified residents.

The organization and their Asset Management Department operate hundreds of federal government subsidized home and apartments across the county. The units provide affordable homes for the elderly, eligible low income families, and the disabled. Eligibility for the houses and apartments will be based on annual gross income and other factors. A waiting list is usually in place.

Similar to above, affordable housing units provide qualified families the opportunity to rent town homes or apartments at rates lower than current market rents. The housing authority oversees this process as well and they are looked upon as an affordable housing stock in Broward County. Some of the units that are overseen by the housing authority include College Gardens, Crystal Lake, East Village Apartments, Tallman Pines, Highland Gardens II and also Progresso Point.




Rent help may be arranged by the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This is for qualified low-income residents of Broward County. Assistance is for those families that rent from private landlords and that meet program terms. The vouchers are used by thousands of families in the community, however the demand for the program is very high and there may be a waiting list.

This program is sometimes called Section 8, and it can offer rental assistance to low income and working poor families. It gives people the ability to secure quality housing in neighborhoods of their choice. It is funded by the federal government and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The rent subsidies, or vouchers, allow families and individuals to pay a reasonable share of their income toward their total housing and utility expenses. The voucher will pay any shortfall.

Crystal Lake Townhomes and College Gardens are part of the Broward County Housing Authority affordable housing portfolio and are managed by an affiliate of the Authority. The other properties are privately managed. All affordable communities accept applications on-site and you should contact the management office directly for information about availability.

The Broward County Housing Authority is located at 4780 North State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319. Call (954) 739-1114 for information on the application process.



By Jon McNamara

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