Rent and utility help as well as food from Broad Street Presbyterian Church.

In partnership with other religious organizations, Broad Street Presbyterian Church works to help low income families, the homeless and working poor. The main resources include homeless prevention services, a legal clinic, free Food Pantry, and day care resources. As part of these various programs, emergency cash assistance may be available for expenses such as rent or vouchers for groceries.

Rent assistance and other homeless prevention services are offered by the church and COMPASS. These partners work together, and with additional charities, in an effort to help families facing eviction. There may also be financial support for currently homeless individuals in Columbus Ohio, such as for paying first months rent or a security deposit.

Broad Street and COMPASS provide assistance to stall evictions and prevent homelessness. This may allow Franklin County families to remain living in their homes or apartments. Income qualified individuals are assisted with partial rental or utility bill assistance. If the resources can’t help, then COMPASS can refers families to other agencies in the Franklin County region. Please note there is never a guarantee of assistance from this charity or any other agency for that matter.

All services were created in an effort to meet the emergency housing needs of a client that is struggling or maybe is underemployed. An applicant can only seek either rent or utility help once a year from Broad Street Presbyterian Church.  COMPASS or local churches do not provide financial assistance for paying utility bills that are in a default status.

Benefit Bank counseling and referrals is also offered by COMPASS. Residents can get information on various social services that are offered in Franklin County. This includes, but is not limited to, SNAP Food Stamp Registration as well as ODJFS Applications.

Additional energy bill help is part of the Neighbor to Neighbor program. COMPASS runs this service for AEP customers only. A cash grant may be offered to those facing a crisis and that qualify.

Affordable Day Care is administered by Broad St. Infant and Toddler Center. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale for parents that are working and/or in job training. The client needs to be on the path to self-sufficiency. This program is also offered in partnership with Columbus Early Learning Center (CELC).




Some additional support is offered by the Third Thursday Legal Clinic, or TTLC. This service is available from a network of interfaith legal clinics. So it is a partner of the church and is also operated in partnership with the Legal Aid Society of Columbus Ohio. The free legal advice is only offered once per month at the clinic.

The clinic, which is also part of COMPASS, is meant to serve very low income clients or the elderly who would qualify for free legal help under income guidelines adopted by LASC. During the sessions, attorneys and/or paralegals are available to consult with clients regarding legal challenges. They can help with evictions, consumer rights, debt collectors and domestic issues.

The attorneys that are part of Broad Street Presbyterian Church offer free representation and support in an attempt to address or resolve the Franklin County residents civil legal problems. Clients who need more extensive services or representation are sometimes referred directly to Legal Aid Society of Columbus or other pro-bono organizations where they can secure more comprehensive help.

The Broad Street Church Afterschool program has provided programming in this community to kindergarten through 12th grade students. When a student from Franklin County first enters the charities program, staff will conduct a reading and math assessment to determine their academic level. They will then create a program that is tailored to an academic and educational enrichment plan for the student.




Other assistance from the school includes a snack, help with homework, and maybe even a meal. Key partners are the Children’s Hunger Alliance as well as the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. There are also computers donated by Nationwide Children’s Hospital that coordinate online sessions and other opportunities. This can help enhance their math and reading skills.

A food pantry is available to the needy in the community. Broad Street Presbyterian Church and COMPASS want families to have enough nutritious groceries and food to feed themselves and their families. The resources offered by this pantry can help people free up money to pay for rent, utilities, mortgage or their heat.

The pantry may have fresh produce, fruits, or vegetables. Case managers also offer nutrition education to help people improve their health. There are also numerous free health and wellness programs. in addition to all of that, there may also be snacks for students during the summer or school vacations.

Broad Street Presbyterian Church can help low income and working poor families in Franklin County. The main address is 760 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205. Call 614 221-6552.



By Jon McNamara

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