Boston water bill assistance.

Receive assistance for paying your water and sewer bills in Boston. Payments plans can be provided to qualified low income customers. Or there may be grants issues to a limited number of low income families in Suffolk County. In addition to these direct financial aid and payment programs, seniors and disabled customers get receive up to a 25% discount on their water bills.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) will do whatever they can to provide help to customers that are facing a shut off of their service. They will work closely with families to try to find a solution that works for both the water company as well as the customer. They therefore offer a number of financial assistance programs, grants and discounts for qualified low to moderate income individuals and families.

If you are faced with an unexpected emergency or expect to struggle to keep up with this utility expense in the future, and need more time to pay your sewer or water bill, please call BWSC's Collections Department. Representatives from the company will work with the customer to try to arrange a payment plan or find some type of solution. They may be able to provide individuals the ability to pay their water bill over an extended period of time.

Customers will need to meet income guidelines and they also need to stay committed to the program. If individuals enter into a payment plan and miss an installment that is due at a designated time, then that may result in their service being disconnected. Assistance is not provided for an indefinite period of time either. It is meant to provide customers with time to get their financial situation in order so that they can resume paying their bills in a timely manner. Any assistance programs are short term in nature, and they are intended to be charity programs.

Another service offered by Boston Water and Sewer Commission is a discount program for both disabled persons and senior citizens in Suffolk County Massachusetts. Various conditions need to be met for this discount as well. Among them include the following.

Homeowners or renters need to be 65 years of age or older to receive a discount. However fully disabled homeowners, regardless of their age, may also be able to receive help. Applicants need to live in one to four family homes in order to be eligible for a 25% discount on the water portion only of their bill. Unfortunately at this time sewer and miscellaneous charges are not included with the discount. Only owner-occupied residential properties with the Boston and Suffolk County Massachusetts area are eligible for the discount.





If you think you may qualify and in order to apply for a discount on the water portion of your charges, customers need to complete the Discount Form. This is currently available at BWSC offices at 980 Harrison Avenue in  Boston or you may get the application by downloading it from their website.

In addition to the age and disability requirements as noted above, senior citizens will need to provide proof of age such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, or MBTA senior citizen pass. You will also need to provide proof of income. If you are applying for the discount as a disabled person, you will need to provide a Award Letter from Social Security or a doctor’s note. If the applicant served in the military, then they will need proof from the local Veterans’ Administration office.

For additional information, about financial assistance, grants, payment plans, or discounts, please call or stop by Boston Water and Sewer Commission Customer Service Department. They can be reached at 617-989-7800. Or stop by their main office at 980 Harrison Ave. Boston, Massachusetts 02119.

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