Big Bend Community Action Committee assistance programs.

Big Bend Community Action Committee operates from a few different offices. The non-profit agency helps low income families address their basic needs with a focus on addressing utility bills as well as installing energy conservation measures. The counties that are covered include Culberson, Jeff Davis, Hudspeth, Brewster and Presidio.

There are three main energy programs available from the center, and they include Neighbor To Neighbor, CEAP, as well as Project Care. More information is below. Case managers can also provide information on federal grants from LIHEAP. They also help with employment, career, and general self-sufficiency needs.

Help for paying utility bills and saving energy

Low and fixed income customers can get help from Neighbor To Neighbor. This is offered by several utility and gas companies in Texas. It provides financial assistance to those who struggle to make ends meet and who live on low and fixed incomes. Customers of Direct Energy, TXU, WTU Retail, and First Choice offer this assistance program to qualified customers.

The Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program can help clients save money and achieve energy self-sufficiency. It works by encouraging consumers to control their energy costs and reduce the amount of their bills. Conservation and efficiency is stressed.

The CEAP program also provides utility bill payments on behalf of the low income clients and also addresses the underlying contributing causes of customer hardships. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program - LIHEAP funds CEAP and the money originates from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Big Bend Community Action Committee works with the state of Texas TDHCA agency.





Another option is Project Care. It uses and in fact relies on donations and contributions from the community. Funds are available in both Culberson and Hudspeth counties in Texas. A key partner is El Paso Electric, which supplies funds to the needy in the form of contributions from customers.

The demand for help is very high. Whenever possible, El Paso Electric works with Big Bend Community Action to provide funds to relieve some of the financial burden of high energy bills. The non-profit BBCAC administers these assistance programs on behalf of the private utility companies.

Big Bend Community Action (BBCAC) and the U.S. Department of Energy offer the Weatherization Assistance Program. The program reduces cooling and heating costs for low-income families, including seniors. It is particularly for people with disabilities, the elderly and families with children. For those that qualify, the program will improve the energy efficiency of their homes while ensuring their continued health and safety.





WAP, as it is sometimes called, was designed to promote energy efficiency in the residences of elderly and families with young children, low-income persons, and others. It offers energy related improvements to qualified homes and educates families in Jeff Davis and Presidio County Texas about energy conservation.

Healthcare resources from Big Bend Community Action Committee

Medical Transportation is coordinated by BBCAC. It is for transportation to a doctor office or medical facilities. Medicaid recipients need to call the Medicaid office at 1-877-633-8747 in order to get information and to get their trip approved beforehand.

The community action agency is in general a great place for information on medical care assistance, whether it is a free clinic in Jeff Davis or another county or help in applying for affordable insurance. Case managers from Big Bend can even give tips on paying down medical debts or similar resources.

Additional resources from community action and also applying for help

Other assistance offered from Big Bend Community Action Committee includes referrals, case management, and information on government benefits. As noted, they can be a great place for information on career fairs, local jobs in the region, or educational programs such as ESL.

There are also services around employment, budgeting, and gaining self-sufficiency. The Big Bend community Agency will hold workshops for the public. Or they allow the use of the center to search for jobs or gain computer skills. Even find information on free government job training in Texas.




The main offices of Big Bend Community Action Committee are as follows. Residents of a county should go to one in their area for applications.

-1412 West Berlin Street, Marfa, TX 79843, dial (432) 729-4908 or call toll free1-855-TRY-TRAX
-The Presidio Office is at Farm to Market 170 / Foothill Boulevard in Presidio, Texas 79845. Call (432) 229-3678.
-The Alpine Office is at 607 W. Gallego, Alpine, TX 79830, (432) 837-2142
-Van Horn BBCAC Office is at 1304 W. Broadway, Van Horn, Texas 79855, telephone (432) 283-1159

By Jon McNamara

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