Prescription assistance in Bay and Washington County Florida.

Bay County as well as St. Andrew’s Episcopal are working together to provide free or reduced priced prescription medications to the low income or uninsured in the region. Hundreds of people have received prescription assistance, including free medications. The average age of each patient is 52, and most applicants have been very low income. Additional partners of the program who provide services include Deerpoint Lake Assembly of God, Bay County Health Department After Hours Clinic, and Knology.

The Prescription Assistance Program has been helping Washington and Bay County individuals obtain medications when they can’t afford them on their own. The program will help people determine if they qualify for free medicine, and specialists will help people submit the correct forms and applicants to pharmaceutical and drug companies. All medicines are provided to qualified patients directly from the major drug companies, and not from the county.

The program continues to expand. The opening of a new prescription assistance site in Florida will give more residents in both Bay County and even Washington County the ability to pay for their prescriptions. This is also a huge benefit to the Health Department as it reduces costs to the local governments in the region.

The are several qualifications that need to be met by applicants. Each pharmaceutical company, such as Merck or Eli Lilly, has its own income requirements in place. So patients will need to meet the income restrictions of the pharmaceutical company that makes the medications. Of course patients will also need to have a valid prescription from their doctor.

Some fees may be required as well. Most of the costs associated with the Prescription Assistance Program are administrative fees. They range from a $9 charge for each individual prescription issued. A maximum of $35 is charged for prescriptions bought the same day.





Case managers from the sites will help those low income as well as under or uninsured patients who cannot afford prescriptions on their own. Get help with obtaining information, completing applications and reviewing all of the paperwork and forms. All of this is required for people to get their prescriptions from pharmaceutical companies either at a low cost or no cost. Doctors and medical professionals in the region will also benefit as it gives them another resource to send their patients to for assistance and savings on medical bills and health care costs. Find more free prescription programs.

More information or to apply

An appointment needs to be made, and applications can’t occur over the phone. You will need to call the main office to make an appointment and stop by. Full documentation will be needed as part of the application process. The phone numbers and locations of the sites are.

  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church - 1608 Baker Court, Panama City, Florida, phone (850) 215-0616
  • Deerpoint Lake Assembly of God Church - 3317 New Church Rd., Panama City, Florida, dial (850) 265-8266
  • Bay County Health Department After Hours Clinic - 597 West 11th Street, Panama City, Florida





By Jon McNamara

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