Barren River Area Safe Space shelter and housing solutions.

While the space in the transitional housing center is very limited, the non-profit Barren River Area Safe Space may be able to provide individuals with several other services if it is filled to capacity. The organization is focused on victims of domestic violence, whether they are women, children, or single parents. The assistance they provide is available across a wide area, including Barren, Allen, Butler, Hart, Logan, Metcalf, Edmonson, Monroe, Warren and Simpson Counties in Kentucky.

The housing administered is known as Safe Space. They can only house a few dozen clients and the site serves as the community’s need to provide temporary shelter to victims of domestic violence. Not only can people have a place to stay, but several other resources can be provided too.

The Barren River agency also works with the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association to offer services across counties such as Metcalf, Monroe, and Allen. Together, either directly or by referrals, some or all of the programs listed below are offered. Even if someone is not able to stay in the shelter, then a women can still get help and advice from the organization.

  • Lodging is offered as part of their emergency shelter.
  • Counseling, including for individual, group, and mental health.
  • Other advocacy is for legal services, medical needs, and more.
  • Hotlines offer crisis intervention, and this will place the women or child into a safe environment.
  • Basic needs, including clothing and food is arranged by Area Safe.

Case management is a key resource provided too. Individuals can get access to free legal aid, if their income is low enough. There are also support services to help women locate permanent housing in the region. As noted, a focus of Barren River Area Safe Space is on offering housing solutions.

Clients can receive referrals to emergency financial assistance or basic needs, such as food. Other funds may be available to help the victim of domestic violence pay a security deposit on a new home or apartment. Some short term help for other bills may be arranged in certain cases.

Some of the other resources offered using a combination of federal and state of Kentucky funds are as follows. Federal feeding program as well as financial literacy workshops are held. Clients can also enroll into the Rural Individual Development Account / IDA or get help on Income Tax Preparation.




Children are of course a focus too. Advocates Area Safe Space provide comprehensive services to both residential and non-residential children that live in the region. They can be housed if needed, either on a short or medium term basis until the issue has been dealt with.

Barren River Area Safe Space also wants to end poverty in Kentucky, as that stress can sometimes cause further hardship on a family. So to that end, they operate the following government and human services in counties such as Logan, Edmonson, Simpson, or Allen.

  • The non-profit will organize state and federal government income tax preparation services for low and even more moderate income families.
  • The Rural Individual Development Accounts, or IDA, can help clients save money and it also matches some of their funds. There is also the use of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
  • Disabled women can benefit from the SOAR Initiative, which addresses housing needs and can help with SSI applications.

So a focus is on solving the emergency, and offering long term support. Barren River Area Safe Space supports several counties as noted below. However the main office is at P.O. Box 1941, Bowling Green, KY 42102, dial 1-800-928-1183.



By Jon McNamara

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