Financial help from Atmos Energy in Texas.

Atmos Energy provides low income members of the community with information on financial assistance programs, including the state of Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program and weatherization. The main financial assistance program they administer for paying utility and gas bills is known as Sharing the Warmth. Those are the three primary assistance and conservation programs available for Atmos Energy customers.

Texas government programs for financial help with Atmos bills

The state of Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program is the government funded resource for households that receive their utility and gas service from Atmos. CEAP was created in an effort to help lower income and working poor families both control their energy costs and address any utility needs. CEAP helps with the integration of all federal government created and funded programs, such as LIHEAP and weatherization. The coordination of these resources will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency cash grants and energy conservation services provided to families. Call your local community action agency in your town in order to apply for Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program, and to learn how it can help you with your Atmos account. Continue to learn more on LIHEAP energy bill assistance in Texas.

Another key Atmos program is the Weatherization program. This is often offered at the same time as CEAP, and it can help low income customers and families save money. The government will pay for the installation of weatherization materials in a clients home, and it is run by community action agencies across Texas.

Charities and payment plans

Financial assistance is offered from Sharing the Warmth. It relies on donations from members of the community and local businesses. Cash grants from this program are intended to help Atmos Energy customers who are less fortunate pay natural gas and utility bills. It provides people the means to help the elderly, the disabled, seniors and families in need to keep their homes warm or cool during the hot Texas summer.





This service relies on contributions, and donations will be tax deductible. You can help the elderly or the disabled by donating to your community's energy assistance program, and all funds go directly to helping the needy.

Atmos Energy also partners with a wide variety of non-profit organizations and charities across Texas in order to help facilitate energy assistance programs. Aid is offered for eligible customers across the state, with a focus on paying cooling bills during extreme heat or distributing funds for paying for home heating costs. The company works with various non-profit agencies. Most of the aid provided is meant to supplement a customer's regular monthly payments.

The non-profit agencies and community organizations across Texas accept applications from people needing assistance and then share the available funds and government grants according to their established guidelines. Atmos does its best to support the community programs by using donations from its employees and corporate coffers. They also collect and provide contributions of its shareholders, and offer matching funds in many cases as well.

The Share the Warmth program relies heavily on donations. All contributions are tax deductible, and even a small contribution can make a difference. Some people give $1 a month or $2 per month. Some may donate $5, $10, $20, or they may decide to "round up" their payment to the next highest dollar amount. All donations are voluntary, and they can be started or ended at any time.





You just need to call the Atmos toll free number and ask to either sign up, or to be removed from the program. If you do decide to contribute, any donation appears as a separate item on your monthly Atmos Energy bill, and in addition to that you will receive a state in January that you can use for tax purposes.

Atmos offers customers other options too. These include payment plans, fee waivers, and other utility bill assistance. Call Atmos Energy at 1-888-286-6700 on payment plans, financial assistance, and details on programs such as Sharing the Warmth.

Atmos partnerships with other organizations for utility bill help

Atmos Energy Corporation works with other local non-profits and community organizations. For example, the Urban League of Greater Dallas and North Central has from time to time announced partnerships with Atmos in order to provide utility bill assistance and home weatherization to qualified low income and struggling natural gas customers. Call (214) 915-4600.

The energy company proudly supports and works with a number of local community based initiatives and government agencies in order help customers lower their natural gas usage. They can coordinate financial assistance for paying utility and cooling bills. Programs provide funds and cash grants in order to weatherize homes, assist with improvements such as gas line replacements and grants can be used to pay utility bills for those who qualify for assistance.

In the past, Atmos has donated funds to local non-profits such as the Urban League, and the money will provide for free home weatherization and utility bill assistance to qualifying natural gas customers. Most of the funds paid out in the past are strictly for improve the energy efficiency of Atmos Energy customer’s homes. Qualified individuals will have access to the most advanced testing protocols and technologies available. Some of the energy efficiency measures and weatherization services performed through this program include pipe insulation, weather stripping, caulking, ceiling insulation, gas piping repair or replacement, as well as water heater replacement.




Emergency financial assistance is also offered as well from Atmos in partnership with non-profit organizations in Texas. Programs have been created and are designed to supplement payments made by low income families with children, the elderly, disabled or others who are unable to pay the full cost of their bills, or maybe who can’t afford to heat their homes. So agencies like the Urban League may occasionally have funds that can be used to help pay gas bills. Call Atmos for more details or referrals.

By Jon McNamara

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