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Find how to get assistance with medical and hospital bills
Arizona Assistance in Health Care Inc. is now helping patients who are undergoing cancer treatments. The nonprofit organization has recently created an assistance program that will assist cancer patients with paying for non-medical bills such as rent, utilities, cooling bills, car payments, insurance, and more.

They provide help to people in all Arizona communities. Cancer patients that may be receiving medical care at other facilities in the Valley, from Mesa to Surprise, are eligible for the medical bills program.

The program is open to applicants who must be undergoing cancer treatment and the maximum monthly allotment is $250 per patient. People undergoing cancer treatment at local hospitals can apply for financial help from Arizona Assistance in Health Care.  There are some other conditions.

Funds are not provided for supplements, hotel accommodations, travel, and certain physician or hospital bills.

Also, the amount of assistance granted will depend on the funding of the program, and the financial status of the applicant will also be consider. However, aid provided will not exceed $250 per application.





John C. Lincoln Health Network
This organization offers an assistance program called Prompt Pay, which provides patients discounts on their hospital bills depending on how quickly they pay the bill off.

For example, according to spokesman, they will offer you 75 percent off the bill if you pay them within two weeks, or 50 percent off in you pay within 60 days. If you can afford to and decide to pay in a year, they will still give you a 40 percent discount.

The Prompt Pay program targets patients who are having procedures or health care services that are not covered by their health insurance policies. However, it will also assist uninsured patients who don't qualify for other financial aid programs or who are struggling with their bills.


Banner Healthcare
They offer substantial discounts for those who can’t afford to pay their bills. They target uninsured and underinsured individuals. You do need to ask for help though. Call the hospital network and ask for the billing department.

One patient, Ms. Butler, saved thousands of dollars on her hospital bill when she gave birth to her son Crew. While she was expecting to pay about $12,000 in total costs because her health insurance policy didn’t both delivery and labor costs, she ended up paying $4,000, therefore saving $8,000. She just asked for their assistance plan, and worked out a deal with them.





By Jon McNamara

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