Arizona foreclosure prevention clinics.

The state of Arizona has been hit hard by the housing crisis. Partly because of the magnitude of the problems in the state, homeowners do have a number of options available to them to get help. One of the more popular options has been the free foreclosure prevention clinics and workshops that are offered from time to time in various towns and cities across Arizona.

The exact dates, locations, and agenda of each clinic will vary widely. We have listed below information on some of the more popular workshops and clinics that are offered or have been in the past, as well as details on who ran them. The information and phone numbers may be valuable for homeowners to call to find out when the next clinic will be held.

Foreclosure works shops have been held fairly often across the greater Phoenix area. One of the locations used in the past has been the Mountain View Activity Center, 2240 W. Citrus Way, Phoenix Arizona. This was a partnership between the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force as well as the City of Phoenix. Both of these organizations are constantly reaching out to struggling residents who are being affected by the current foreclosure crisis. This clinic will have on site HUD housing counselors who provide free advice, as well as information on budgeting assistance, employment assistance, and other housing options. All advice is free. The City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department can be contacted at 602-534-2538 for more details.

Yuma Civic and Convention Center has hosted some workshops in the past. The address is 1440 West Desert Hills Drive, Yuma AZ 85364. Western Arizona Council of Governments ((928) 782-1886) as well as the Southwest Fair Housing Council, working with local members of congress, have hosted this event in the past. The free workshop will provide one-on-one mortgage delinquency counseling. Borrowers will be able to speak to a HUD certified housing counselor and / or lender representative. Together you will explore options that are available to help homeowners who may struggling with their mortgage payments and need assistance getting back on track.





Paradise Valley Community College has hosted clinics in the past as well. They have been jointly hosted by the Office of local Congressman as well. Homeowners can meet with bank representatives, learn about federal government solutions, and much more. Dial (602) 263-5300 to see if/when the next event will be held. They are usually held at 18401 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85032.

Various clinics and workshops have been held in the past at Desert West Community Center. This is located at 6501 W Virginia Avenue, Phoenix AZ. Once again, the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force (phone number above) has taken a leading role in putting together this workshop, and they work with other local non-profits to host a foreclosure intervention event which will include advice from HUD housing counselors, representation from lenders such as Bank of American and GMAC Mortgage, and others. Individuals can get information on foreclosure prevention, credit repair, employment assistance, and more.

The City of Chandler Neighborhood Resources has worked with the state task force too. Call (602) 424-5344 to get information on these clinics. Instant communication and feedback is one of the keys to saving your home. Many people have difficulty in reaching their lenders, so these clinics and workshops help people reach their banks and lenders, such as Wells Fargo and BOA. The workshops have been held at the Chandler Community Center, 125 E. Commonwealth Avenue, Chandler Arizona 85244.

Foreclosure prevention clinics have been held in Glendale Arizona at the Adult Center, 5970 W. Brown St. Glendale AZ 85302. Regardless as to whether your financial hardship more permanent (long-term) or short-term, if you need advice as not sure what to do, or if you want to keep your home or maybe you have decided that you are ready to sell, counselors from this agency and workshop can help. Borrowers will have an opportunity to receive free one-on-one counseling with a lender representative or a HUD certified counselor. Counselors and lenders will work with homeowners to explore loan modifications or other solutions.

The Broadway Heritage Neighborhood Resource Center has held events in the past as well. This is yet another event that has been organized by The City of Phoenix and the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force. The workshops are free, and anyone who wants to meet with a HUD approved counselor or non-profit agency should stop by the next time an event is held. Broadway Heritage Neighborhood Resource Center- 2405 E. Broadway Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85040, or dial 602-534-2538.

As you will see many of these workshops and clinics have been organized by, or run in partnership, with the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force. This organization is non-profit and made up of mostly volunteers. They work with homeowners, lenders, and HUD agencies to stop and/or reduce the number of and impact of foreclosure across the state. A number of solutions to your mortgage delinquency can be provided. Thousands of individuals use their services every year. Read more on this organizations. They also have a hotline in place, and that can be called at 1-877-448-1211.




By Jon McNamara

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