Get help from the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce.

A non-profit organization was created in Arizona to assist homeowners who are behind on their mortgage and / or who may need foreclosure help. The Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce targets its efforts, resources and free programs on helping borrowers who are in danger of facing a foreclosure on their primary residence. They offer a wide variety of programs, advice, counseling and services to families and individuals across the state. Through counseling, education, and active outreach they are working to meet the numerous challenges that are being presented to Arizona families by the current home foreclosure crisis facing the state.

The primary goal of the organization is to provide homeowners in Arizona with the resources and solutions they need in order to guide them in making both effective and positive decisions to solve their home foreclosure problems. Through the efforts of the organization, they are not only helping those who are in need of direct assistance with a housing issue, but they are in effect helping the entire community as well as every home that is saved. This improves neighborhood across the state by keeping property values up, and reducing the number of vacant or empty homes.

What services are provided?

The Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce provides several programs and resources. Among other things, they facilitate free workshops and offer free counseling to borrowers who are either behind on their mortgage payments or who are at risk of having their home foreclosed on by their lender or bank. They provide information on various options including foreclosure mediation and such options as principal reduction.





In addition, they partner with other various local and national organizations, including banks, government agencies, charities, and non-profits that are also qualified to help you with your particular financial situation or the circumstance you may find yourself in.

Many studies have found that communication and perseverance is the key to saving your home. Always communicate with your lender, and never give up hope and think all is lost. There are ways to get help, and the task force wants to work together with you to help keep you in your home if at all feasible.

Representatives from both private and public agencies and businesses have combined their efforts to create the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce. The group is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization and it is supported and funded by local, state and federal governments, institutions, and agencies. HUD certified organizations in Arizona also contribute to the program. Read more HUD agencies.

Mortgage and housing counselors are available to give you one-on-one consultation and advice, and they are committed to assisting families who may be facing foreclosure. Contact them at 1-877-448-1211 to learn more or to set up a session.





By Jon McNamara

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