All Saints Catholic Church resources and assistance programs.

Often in partnership with local charities, churches, and government agencies, All Saints strives to help the less fortunate in Wood County. Whether a family needs help from their food pantry or emergency rental or utility bill assistance, there may be some type of assistance available.

When applying for assistance, the applicant should be prepared to prove their need for help. This includes, but is not limited, to proof of income as well as residency for all household members. The prospective client should also have a plan in place as to what they will do doing to address their long term needs. Whether that is moving into a more affordable home or starting a higher paying job, there needs to be an end result to the crisis.

The All Saints Catholic Church Drop-In Center is the main place for information. The location serves as a point of access to a variety of social services in Ohio, assistance programs, and referrals. This is much more than a place for referrals as the staff at the site foster a sense of community by providing a safe, friendly and secure environment. All applicants to the agency are treated with respect and dignity, and they do their best to ensure that every need is met.

This may include applications for financial assistance or grants. There may also be help for personal hygiene and laundry, as well as emergency assistance. Other services include Help with utility as well as heating payments; Mail Service or Telephones for the unemployed, Laundry Facilities; vouchers for use at the food pantry and clothing closet. While possible, less common will be funds for paying back rent to stop an eviction, but local churches may be able to assist with that as well.

The team at All Saints Church will also help clients in obtaining birth certificate, photo ID, or other documents in Wood County, or they provide referrals for education, counseling services, employment and other assistance.

The All Saints Catholic Church runs a Food Pantry that has a main goal to prevent any community member from going hungry. Donations are received at pantry from many resources throughout the region including area churches, cub scout fund raisers, the Salvation Army, businesses, individuals and civic groups. These donations and collaborations with All Saints ensure the food supply remains plentiful for any in-need family.

In addition to free Food Pantry, there is a Surplus center in which surplus groceries are available 6 days a week to be picked up and shared with any needy person. No resident of Wood County is denied food and this supplemental program provides struggling clients bread, produce and sweets as needed.




For homeless, disadvantaged males, there is the All Saints Catholic Church shelter that offers beds to help create stability and offer them temporary shelter. Participants may remain for up to 14 days and receive referrals to other social services and resources that best fit their needs after an initial intake and primary assessment is conducted. Referrals to the program may come through the Client Engagement Center.

Household goods as well as clothing are offered from All Saints Catholic Church. They may also provide other items too, such as clothes for work or school supplies. These various programs are intended to help families impacted by a disaster, such as a fire. Or there can be, in some cases, vouchers given to the working poor by the church for the items they need for their home or apartment.

The staff from the non-profit also provide referrals as well to other programs that can help job-seekers or students. As an example, if someone is turning to the clothing closet in Wood County for work attire, then the staff there may refer the person to resources offered by work centers or even places for bus passes and the like.

Medical equipment can be loaned to senior citizens, the disabled, or people recovering from surgery. This is available in limited quantities based on what a hospital or doctor may donate to All Saints Catholic Church. There are resources to help people recover from an injury or surgery. What may be loaned out includes toilet risers,Walkers / knee walkers, Long-handled reachers, hospital beds and bed rails, crutches, and commodes. If someone is in the medical field, and wishes to donate equipment, more is always needed.

All Saints is based at 628 Lime City Road, Rossford, Ohio 43460. For more information on these programs, or other aid such as gasoline vouchers or transportation, call (419) 666-1393.



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