Alagasco financial assistance programs.

If you need help conserving energy, managing your costs, or paying your gas bills, then Alagasco has a number of programs and ideas for qualified low income customers in Alabama. Assistance programs range from payment plans, to special services and emergency financial assistance programs for the unemployed, seniors, and people who are generally struggling in these difficult economic times.

Examples of these Alagasco programs include payment arrangements, average monthly billing, ways to spread costs, and referrals to government programs like LIHEAP and weatherization. Alagasco may also have information on non-profits and social services in Alabama. The company will do their best to work with customers to arrange payment terms that are satisfactory to both you and the Alagasco.

The assistance programs that are available for qualified customers tend to focus on supplementing the needs of disabled, elderly or low-income customers. Aid is offered for those who would otherwise be unable to pay the total amount of their monthly gas bill.

  • LIHEAP is the federal government grant program.
  • Customer Charge Waiver may be able to provide some deductions or fee waivers.
  • Project SHARE is a financial assistance program run in partnership with non-profits in Alabama like the Salvation Army.
  • Weatherization can help people save money on their utility bills. It is free to qualified households, and is run by community action agencies.
  • Alagasco offers other service and maintenance programs to qualified customers in Alabama, including heating and cooling system Efficiency and Safety Inspections.

Alagasco Payment Arrangements may be offered, however people need to ask for help as soon as possible. If you meet program terms and qualifications, then you may be qualified for various payment arrangements. You need to call them to inquire. If you do enroll in a program with them, then it is critical to make the monthly payment on your gas bill in full and on time. Otherwise you may still be faced with a disconnection of your account. Those who have recently lost their jobs may benefit from this resource.





Average Monthly Billing is one type of payment plan. Customers that have their accounts currently enrolled in the Average Monthly Billing program are not eligible for additional payment arrangements. This program spreads your gas costs throughout the year. Dial 1-800-292-4008 to reach an Alagasco customer service representative.

LIHEAP - The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program can help certain Alagasco customers. This federal government program can provide grants for paying gas and utility bills. Money is offered for low-income individuals, with a focus on seniors, disabled, and families with children. The cash grants can help people pay their monthly energy bills. The LIHEAP program is run in Alabama by several community resource agencies and non-profits, and the program is sponsored by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. Call a community action agency in your region to apply for LIHEAP. Find a listing of Alabama assistance programs and agencies to apply at.

Customer Charge Waiver is offered for people who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Families in Alabama who are on either of these government programs will not be billed a monthly customer charge on their gas bills if eligibility requirements are met. Call 1-800-292-4008 in order to apply.

Project SHARE, which is also known as Service to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy, is offered by non-profit agencies such as the American Red Cross. It is paid for by donations from customers and local businesses. Emergency financial assistance from Project SHARE is currently available to customers who are age 62 or older. Applicants need to be currently living on low, fixed incomes. Another beneficiary is Alagasco customers who are disabled, who have limited funds and who, for health reasons, cannot keep up a normal family income due to their disability. People who are signed up for Project SHARE will receive a cash grant during the winter as well as during the summer, and this money can be used to pay your Alagasco gas bill. On average, over the last 20 years, over $1 million per year has been paid out as part of Project SHARE, and money has paid utility bills and help prevent disconnections.

This program is paid for by donations. If you already contribute to the Red Cross and Project SHARE program, the company thanks you for your generous support and contributions. All donations are tax deductible. To apply for financial assistance or to contribute more funds, please contact the American Red Cross office in your local Alabama County.




By Jon McNamara

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