Yuba and Sutter County Society of St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Food, clothing, and possible financial aid is provided by the non-profit Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The agency also works to alleviate poverty in the Yuba County community, and this service is covered by job training and financial classes. More information on what may be available is below as well as through in home visits.

Most of the programs have a waiting list in place and also very limited resources. Any assistance provided from the churches that are part of St. Vincent, whether financial or basic needs, is done so at the discretion of the agency. There are no guarantees to receiving help.

Yuba City Society of St. Vincent de Paul food pantry, clothing closets, and thrift store – Combined, those services are some of the main programs run by the agency. They also tend to be in the highest demand. With an estimated 15% of the region's households facing hunger each year, many people need help in buying groceries. If they can't afford food, then clothing and households supplies are even harder to obtain.

Members of Yuba City that qualify for any form of assistance are able to access the basic needs type programs (pantry and clothing closet) at St. Vincent. There can be occasional services, such as vouchers for shopping at the thrift store. Items from the various locations include diapers, canned groceries, paper products, fresh produce, personal hygiene items, soup, hygiene items and other essentials.

One key difference of the Yuba County Society of St. Vincent thrift store is that anyone can shop there. If the client is low income, or wealthy, they can stop by. There will be low cost, gently used goods for sale to residents of Sutter County as well. This can include furniture, appliances, washing machines, kitchen tables, and more.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Yuba County Emergency Assistance Program assists families in crisis with life's necessities, including the following. This will of course depend on donation levels and if the family is income qualified.

  • Medical Care - Emergency prescriptions for those from Yuba County who do not have health insurance as well as referrals to Medi-Cal.





  • Grants for utilities. There may be financial assistance from St. Vincent for residents who have received disconnect notices for gas, oil, propane, water, electric and/or sewer services.
  • Gently Used Clothing and Household Items, including Thrift Store vouchers.
  • Free food from the Yuba/Sutter County Society of St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. The programs offers monthly supplemental groceries as well as everything needed for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.
  • Budgeting and Financial Education classes for clients.

St. Vincent de Paul in Yuba County helps refugees as well as legal immigrants adapt to the American workplace so that they can achieve self-sufficiency. As part of this, the applicant can learn about the other programs such as housing, food, and more while will offer short term help. This too can end their need for public assistance and successfully integrate into American life.

The Refugee Employment service provides information on local jobs and training services for people who have lived in the United States for less than five years. Of course the client needs to be living in Yuba County California Unemployed or employed refugees who are working below their skill level are eligible for the program, and as indicated, this also help immigrants in Yuba City. A local employer and client are matched according to the former’s needs and the latter’s abilities.

The Basic Needs Services include access to personal hygiene needs from the pantry as well. This ranges from showers for the homeless at local churches and laundry facilities as well as the use of the St. Vincent mail, phone, message, fax, and copy services. Clients of the church are also welcome to the location as a permanent address in order to receive mail and messages.




When seeking assistance from the Yuba or Suttrer County Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a home visit is usually required. The volunteers will see what the person may be qualified for and then provide help if applicable. The center is at 222 Clark Avenue, Yuba City, California 95991. Dial (530) 671-5154.


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