Yolo County St. Vincent de Paul church based assistance programs

There are several churches in Yolo County that are part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Whether someone is Catholic or of another religion, the charity will try to assist the client in their time of need. Everything from a free box of food to some money to pay for rent, clothing, or even a gasoline voucher may be provided.

One of the leading organizations is St. James Catholic Church. This congregation works with other groups, such as the United Way and local charities, to help families living in poverty or that are struggling. They also assist newcomers to the region, such as immigrants or people passing through the county. More information on their services is below.

As a form of utility bill assistance, the Yolo County St. Vincent de Paul Society provides a onetime cash grant. Among other criteria, applicants need to have an income not exceeding 200% of the federal poverty guideline and have made a sincere effort of payment of past due costs. They need to have made efforts to pay their water, electric, and also heating bills, all without the benefit of using government funds. In some cases, a termination notice is also required.

In addition to this onetime grant, case managers from the local church (such as Saint James) also will need to meet with the household that is seeking help. They will review their total household income, budgets, levels of debts, and address any underlying causes of their crisis. Long term support may be arranged as well, and this generally comes in the form of referrals to LIHEAP or similar public aid.

Homeless Prevention:
This program helps prevent homelessness. Saint James Catholic Church will try to provide small dollar amounts of cash assistance to pay late rent, a security deposit, money for gas to get to a job interview to end homelessness, or a portion of the late mortgage. This is combined with information on self-sufficiency. Funds from the St. Vincent church may also be used to pay rental or utility deposits for families as well as single mothers with children who are in shelters or living in transitional housing in Yolo County.

When applying for homeless prevention, households in need of assistance must have a valid photo ID, proof of Yolo County residency and verification of income for the past 30 days for all adult household members, a valid Photo ID. Funds can only be applied to once every year, and applicant also need a court-ordered eviction notice, disconnection from their utility company, or foreclosure notice.





Food and other support from St. Vincent

Volunteers of Yolo County St. Vincent de Paul as well as full time staff work hard to provide assistance. One service that is totally dependent on donations from the community as well as volunteers is the food bank. This is the site where the agency will pass out bags of groceries on a daily basis. They may have fruit, vegetables, canned groceries, and more. The pantry can feed hundreds of people each month, including people with special dietary needs such as a senior citizen.

The young and children are a priority of Saint Vincent in Yolo County. They offer many resources to help them with their basic needs, both during certain seasons and year round. There is both material support as well as referrals to benefits for their needs, such as food stamps or USDA school lunch programs.

-Their parents can apply for free back-to-school supplies.
-Holiday and free Christmas gift services such as Adopt a Family.
-St. Vincent care workers can help them apply for scholarships, educational support and computer classes. There are a number of national programs to try, and find a listing of free scholarships.

Other support and “non-financial aid” may also be offered. Most of what is listed above (especially grants for paying certain bills) is very limited. It is much more likely for one of the churches to provide other services to the less fortunate. It will be short term in nature, but the assistance can help a family make it through a difficult period.




The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Yolo County will try not to turn anyone away that needs some clothes for a job interview or maybe a ride (or gasoline voucher) to get to the site. They also work to feed the homeless and hungry by passing out a bag of groceries. Other services include counseling, rides to a senior to a doctor appointment, and much more.

While the church may encourage people use the spiritual ministry, this is in fact not required to get financial aid, food, or more. The Main Saint Vincent location is at 1275 B Street in Davis, California, 95616. Saint James can be reached at (530) 756-3636.

By Jon McNamara

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