Worcester housing assistance.

Worcester Massachusetts families have a number of housing resources available to them. Many of the programs are funded by the federal government and others are paid for by the state of Massachusetts. Low income individuals can apply for emergency rental assistance, case management, or they can explore a wide variety of low income housing units that may be available in the Worcester area.

The primary government funded programs that are available include the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, Section 8 vouchers, and also a resource known as the Alternative Housing Voucher Program. All three of these services can help low-income Worcester resident. The government created these in an effort to help people pay their housing expenses, security deposits, and/or rent.

Individuals who possess tenant-based vouchers from one of these resources may be able to use their housing allowance to pay the monthly rent for any apartment or home that they choose to live in, providing the unit meets the program requirements. The Worcester Housing Authority, which can be reached at 508-798-4500, will offer more information.

The county has also facilitated Privately Owned Affordable and Public Housing for income qualified residents. There are several units that are privately owned, safe, yet affordable. This housing has been established throughout the Worcester County region, and the apartments and homes are currently being set aside for low to moderate-income families in the community.

The local city and county government may be able to provide either rent subsidies or tax credits to housing developers, who then pass on the savings to renters in the community by in effect reducing the expenses that a tenant is charged. So these developers and apartment owners will therefore charge lower rents to eligible low income households for these units.

The developers offer other forms of support as well. Many of the Worcester public housing units offer affordable government-owned rental housing for low to moderate-income individuals and families, with priority given to people with disabilities, seniors, and the disabled.

Worcester residents who are elderly, disabled, and low-income may be able to get help from the Supportive Housing and Long-Term Care program. This resource was created for people who can’t live safely on their own. Individuals who fall into this category can access a number of choices that can range from long-term group care facilities with full-time medical staff to private housing with support services.





Receive free or low cost household goods and services from a Worcester assistance program known as Household Goods & Services. Support is provided for the low-income, elderly, and/or disabled who live in the county. The items provided can help people repair their houses, furnish their homes, help with activities such as removing snow from their sidewalks in an emergency, and can otherwise help meet other household needs of the disadvantaged.

Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children (EAEDC)

EAEDC provides cash assistance and medical benefits to low-income elders, disabled, and children in Worcester and other Massachusetts communities. This is generally a last resort for those who do not qualify for other cash assistance programs. If you appear to be eligible for EAEDC and you need help right away, you can get an emergency assistance advance on your EAEDC benefits within 24 hours. These benefits include rent and utility vouchers, help in paying for moving costs, food vouchers, and temporary health care coverage.

Rent vouchers can also be offered by the state of Massachusetts Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC). Qualified Worcester residents who are eligible for benefits from the TAFDC program, and who need help right away can get an emergency financial and housing assistance from the program. Assistance can be provided for a range of housing, rent, and utility needs.

Rent assistance is also available from Homeless Prevention Program. Low and moderate income individuals and families who are facing eviction, who are at risk of becoming homeless, or who are currently homeless may qualify for assistance. There is also help for homeowners in Worcester County that are behind on their mortgage.





These homeless and housing assistance programs help Worcester residents both keep their current housing or find other safe and importantly affordable homes to live in. These programs provide various types of emergency assistance, including free legal help, counseling, emergency shelter, financial aid, medical treatment, and other housing support services.

This prevention is also often combined with Emergency Assistance. This is yet one more option for tenants and homeowners, and it is currently run by the Worcester Department of Transitional Assistance, is the main government homelessness prevention program for the region.

Temporary housing for Worcester families, adult individuals, and teenagers who find themselves homeless with nowhere else to go can turn to Shelters and Transitional Programs. Emergency assistance shelters and this short of short term housing can be provided. Most of the county housing units and shelters offer case management and other support services. This can include, but is not limited too, housing search assistance and funds for paying security deposits.

Dial either RCAP Solutions or the Worcester Housing Authority (WHA) at 508-798-4500 to learn more on these or other housing programs.




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