Williamson County Social Services and public assistance.

Helping low income families apply for public benefits and coordinating self-sufficiency, the Williamson County Social Services Department help poor, low income, and at risk families. The agency coordinates many of its programs in coordination with local non-profits as well as the state of Texas.

Many of the programs are administered by other organizations which are referenced below. Referrals and linkage may be provided by case managers. For more information, or to apply for public or government aid, call one or more of the centers.

Medical care in Williamson County

Locate help for caregivers. The non-profit known as AGE will offer free information, resources, and support to individuals caring for older adults or the disabled. Resources can help with coordinating long-term care and addressing financial management issues.

Another option for William County resident is the Health Equipment Lending Program, or HELP. As part of this, there will be interest free loans of durable medical equipment given to people with disabilities or needy senior citizens. Call AGE of Central Texas at 512-451-4611.

Affordable health insurance is available for low to moderate income families. It is provided as a result of CHIP, or the Children's Health Insurance Program. It was created by the federal government in order to help families with teenagers or young children qualify for Medicaid. It is for those whose income is low, but however they still cannot afford to buy private insurance for their children.

CHIP can pay for a wide variety of medical bills. The state of Texas offers public health care coverage for regular checkups, hospital visits, immunizations, lab work, prescription drugs, lab tests, X-rays, and other bills. Dial 877-KIDS-NOW.

Lone Star Circle of Care is another medical care program in Williamson County. Patients can access health care services for the underinsured and uninsured. The services are available at dozens of clinics in the central Texas region, including in in Round Rock and other areas. The focus is on the poor and medically underserved. 1-877-800-5722.




Basic needs, public food programs and thrift stores

Computers for Kids and Coats for Kids - Using contributions from the community, coats are distributed for a small donation and children can receive a free computer that is loaded with all the needed software, including Microsoft Office and more. Phone number is 512-244-2431.

Round Rock Treasures Thrift Store is a low cost furniture and clothing store. All items will be gently used, but affordable. The location is open to the public. Families in Williamson County are eligible to shop at the location, and some may have vouchers to use to buy free clothing and furniture. 512-244-2431.

Free food for the homebound is part of Meals-on-Wheels.  Non-profits, such as Agency on Aging offices, will bring a free nutritious meal to those who are too sick or frail to shop for themselves or to make it to a senior center in Williamson County. Lunches are delivered by volunteers, and a small donation is appreciated. Call 512-763-1400.

Another option is the WBCO Senior Nutrition Program. This serves low cost, nutritional lunches for seniors in the Baca Activity Center in Round Rock. Phone: 512-255-4970

Grants and financial aid for paying basic needs

Neighborhood Centers operated by WBCO administer many public aid programs, and they work with Williamson County Social Services as needed. Examples of programs include Senior Utility Bill Assistance, rent help from Section 8 housing vouchers, budget counseling, weatherization, and counseling.

There are also several programs to provide crisis assistance to families encountering a situation. Grants can address food, utilities, or rental needs. Some of the programs offered, usually in partnership with social services, includes CEAP - Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program, Federal Emergency Management Administration, ESGP, and others. These originate from the federal government. 512-255-2202





Round Rock Area Serving Center is a key partner and social service agency in the city. The non-profit runs a food pantry, offers financial aid for paying rent, gasoline, transportation, utilities, temporary lodging, and medications. Since funding is limited, clients may be provided loans for those types of bills. Some of the key partners include the United Way of Greater Williamson County as well as Social Services. Call the center at 512-244-2431.

Low income apartments, the Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher Program, and subsidized housing is available. Some of the key agencies include the Round Rock Housing Authority. While there is a waiting list, clients who qualify can receive rent subsidized apartments to live in. Dial 512-255-3702 for details.

Additional social services and benefits

Community Tax Centers are coordinated in partnership with Williamson County Social Services and local non-profits. They offer free income tax preparation help for low and moderate income families. A similar program is AARP Foundation Tax-Aide offers free assistance with completing income taxes. The preparation is mostly for senior citizens and the elderly with low-to-moderate incomes.

Head Start / Early Head Start are child growth, education, and medical care programs for children from low income families. It also assists pregnant women, parents and their families. The publicly funded program can provide for health and dental screenings, nutrition, food, early childhood education, mental health and parent involvement, and other support. It is run in partnership with the by Williamson-Burnet County Opportunities and Social Services. Call 512-255-4536.

While most of the numbers are above, another option is the office at 211 Commerce Blvd, Round Rock, Texas Dial (512) 248-3252.




By Jon McNamara

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