West Virginia help with paying hospital bills.

Free prescription drugs from hospital charity programs

A West Virginia program that provides free prescription drugs to those with out insurance will be enrolling thousands of additional state residents. West Virginia Rx has established cooperative programs with hospitals, charity organizations, and two other outside groups which will increase the size of the prescription assistance program by 400%.

This aid is targeted at people people who are uninsured and who have no prescription drug coverage. It can even help those who have health insurance, but no prescription drug coverage as that coverage is entirely separate piece of health insurance.

As some examples of the increased coverage, over five thousand people who are currently in the Community Access Program of the Partners in Health Network will now be part of West Virginia Rx. The Health Network is a group of 13 West Virginia hospitals, seven community health centers and one health department that are located in more rural parts of the state.





Another example, in addition another 5,000 people from Charleston Area Medical Center's charity care unit and health program will also be part of the prescription drug program. This means that those who qualify for hospital charity care will automatically qualify for free prescription drugs and other benefits.

On whole, about 25% of the charity hospital care provided in West Virginia's acute care hospitals comes from CAMC unit.

This type of program is a first of its kind as West Virginia is the first state in the nation to coordinate such hospital charity care programs along with a charitable pharmacy program. To put this problem in perspective, at any one time over 30% of West Virginian residents do not have prescription drug coverage, so they struggle with medical bills. People with no health or prescription coverage can also contact community clinics in West Virginia for free health care.

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With the additions to this program, the West Virginia Rx program is the largest charitable pharmacy program in operation in the nation. In addition, there are other plans to bring in other hospital charity programs over the next several months, so the growth of hospital assistance plans will increase. Find out more by calling 1-877-388-9879






By Jon McNamara

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