Financial help from West Valley Community Services.

In an effort to help the less fortunate, programs from West Valley Community Services may be available as a last resort. The financial aid is limited, but there may be temporary cash assistance available in a crisis. Other support includes a client choice food pantry, and staff from WVCS are very knowledgeable of places throughout the county of San Mateo in which people can be referred too.

Most of the support is provided with guidance and coaching from staff. They will work with the client on assessing needs, set up meetings with a case manager to learn budgeting, money management and other life skills. The individual will need to stay on track with the goal setting process.

Intensive case management and crisis assistance is an option for some low-income families and individuals. The goal of WVCS is to support people who are facing a sudden, unexpected crisis, beyond their control, such as a job loss or unexpected car repair. The issue needs to be leaving them facing an extreme financial hardship, such as potential eviction or utility disconnection.

West Valley Community Services will focus any financial aid on qualified families facing homelessness, such as from unpaid rent or maybe a loss of power will cause it. The most vulnerable, such as senior citizens or families with young children, may also be eligible for other programs.

When seeking any type of grant from West Valley Community Services, applicants will have to document the crisis and need for financial assistance through an assessment process. The aid is short term only, so people must also be able to demonstrate enough future stability and income to manage their situation once any type of assistance has been given to them.

All resources from West Valley Services or its partners is very limited. The charity is given funding through a variety of private and government grants, and each has separate guidelines and time frames for receiving assistance. Some of the common requests from people in San Mateo are below, but any support provided by is at the discretion of West Valley Community Services.

  • Housing – Partial rent to stop evictions, funds for unpaid utility bills, or a security deposit.
  • Food – Crisis help may be offered to those in crisis.




  • Car repair – This would only be for employed individuals or those attending vocational or higher education classes, and who made their payments on time during the past.
  • Medical – There may be vouchers for medications or referrals to clinics in San Mateo County.
  • Emergency Financial Assistance is one time only, and there may be funds to prevent evictions, utility cutoffs, and addresses clothing vouchers, transportation needs and other basic needs.

Homelessness prevention is the focus of any agency or charity, and they also work with other groups such as the county and United Way. There is an assessment done of each individual’s or family’s situation. Based on the results, if resources are available, West Valley Community Services will then provide appropriate assistance, which includes providing money for back rent or other fees in situations.

There is support in trying to find a solution with the client's bank or lender if they have a mortgage, or tenants may receive help and advice such as landlord mediation. There will also be referrals to clients for counseling in San Mateo County on budgeting to avoid problems in the future. As pro-active support when it comes to homeless prevention is key.

Below Market Rate Housing is run by West Valley Community Services in partnership with the City of Cupertino. This resource was created to enable low-income families as well as the working poor access quality rental housing or apartments at an affordable rate.

Seasonal support and basic needs are offered throughout the community, and rely on donations from churches, volunteers, and others. The services include Back to School Supplies and free Christmas or Holiday programs. As noted, many of these services from West Valley Community Services rely on donations and volunteers from the community and the greater county.

There may be backpacks, notebooks for students from low income families, and clothing or uniforms may be offered for students going to school. During the holidays, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas meals, food and gifts may be offered. Priority for any type of support is for children from low income families, very low income singles, and seniors.

The Special Programs from the non-profit WVCS are extensive. The agency and its volunteers help needy families celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. There may also be free Back-To-School Backpacks, Holiday Food Baskets & a Shopping Spree as well as Holiday Adopt-a-Family Programs in San Mateo.





The under and unemployed can attend job placement. There is comprehensive advice and assistance provided in an effort to help individuals master the work readiness skills they need to be successful in a changing workplace throughout the state of California. Job centers working in partnership with groups such as West Valley Community Services coordinate career awareness and exploration. There is also career preparation, job search, financial awareness and the goal of obtaining work skills.

Volunteers coordinated by West Valley Community Services and other groups will offer home repairs and maintenance, sometimes for free, but in other cases at a low cost. The agency can help seniors who do not have the resources or maybe lack family to accomplish minor home repairs.

Any work will be minor in nature. This may include repair to a door, windows, install smoke detectors replace light switches, repair  toilets and similar tasks. Any work will be very minor.

The primary West Valley Community Services office is at 10104 Vista Drive, Cupertino, California 95014, and people can dial 408-255-8033.



By Jon McNamara

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