West Baton Rouge Helping Hand assistance programs.

For any interested party needing the help of West Baton Rouge Helping Hand, contact a case manager to set up an appointment. Staff can help struggling clients from Baton Rouge Parish with prescriptions, medical, employment, food and temporary shelter assistance by appointment only. They can also provide a family with referrals.

All resources are limited, and a strict application process is in place. At the time of the appointment and interview, clients will then complete their application forms. If possible, some form of financial help will be provided.

West Baton Rouge Helping Hand helps the low income facing utility shut offs or homelessness.  The organization offers most of this support in partnership with non-profit organizations as well as charities in Baton Rouge Parish. They offer provide other types of financial help. In general, applicants are assessed and referred to the appropriate agency by the case manager.

  • Services and one time, financial assistance can be used for back rent to stop evictions or to rehouse persons.
  • Homeless support and general low income services such as free food, information on employment,  drug abuse programs, assistance for physical and mental health disabilities, and domestic violence programs are run.
  • Helping Hand of West Baton Rogue arranges short term housing such as shelter, transitional homes and special needs housing.
  • Motel vouchers or even hotel vouchers may sometimes be provided for lodging in Port Allen.

The non-profits understands the tremendous need for services specific to the working poor population. While they do try to provide money, in some cases loans may be paid out by the agency for these bills. The emergency assistance from West Baton Rouge Helping Hand was designed to help families and struggling residents become self-sufficient and transition to permanent, independent living.

The Life-Skills Training Center, which is open throughout the week for individuals who are homeless or living in poverty. West Baton Rouge Helping Hand will help the unemployed or people just looking for new skills. No matter the need, support may be arranged.




The center offers psychiatric care, counseling, wellness programs, life-skills training, vocational programs, referrals and follow-up services. Meals are also provided, and if necessary, staff members visit the homes of the center’s clients. Through these services, the agency aims to help clients avoid homelessness and maintain permanent housing.

West Baton Rouge Helping Hand offers permanent supportive housing services for formerly homeless individuals and families. There are also resources for veterans as well as the disabled, often in partnership with groups such as the United Way. Clients live in housing provided by non-profits in Baton Rogue Parish, and supportive services include day care, case management, job training and placement, after-school tutoring, counseling, and transportation. Helping Hands also works with the person to develop or improve skills related to nutrition, parenting and financial management as well.

The West Baton Rouge Helping Hand Emergency Food Pantries offer three-days' worth of groceries or meals, as many as six times during a twelve-month time period. Note the frequency is a general rule, and exceptions are made for certain emergency situations.

The free food is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, with no appointment required by people in Port Allen Louisiana. Each applicant completes a program intake form, which helps in establishing needs of the household and determining which programs and services are needed to support families or individuals as they work to become self-sufficient.

Helping Hand of West Baton Rogue partners, including those funded by the United Way, run a medical clinic which allows homeless as well as clients living in poverty access to basic medical services. This includes TB testing, details on prescription vouchers, physicals, RPR testing, and other necessary tests.




The check ups may help them land a job. Or it can help them enter into transitional or permanent housing unit in Baton Rogue. The clinic runs during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Residents and non-residents may participate in the services by receiving a referral.

The West Baton Rouge Helping Hand is located on the western portion of the parish in Port Allen Louisiana, but services are extended across a wide range. Call 225-346-1008 for details.


By Jon McNamara

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