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The Wesley Community Center center partners with agencies such as the Nueces County Department of Human Services and relies on the contributions of the community. The goal is to provide emergency services to help stop a crisis. There may be grants to help pay energy bills to stop a disconnection of utilities, child care, funds for rent, and free food passed out. Staff will also help people apply for public aid such as USDA Surplus Commodity food or LIHEAP, so a number of resources operate in Nueces County.

Direct Emergency Assistance is a core service. As resources allow, Wesley Community Center will attempt to help struggling residents with their short term survival needs. This is for families faced with a one time hardship and that are not in constant poverty.

Anyone who wants to apply for assistance needs to call to schedule an appointment with a case manager. They will then learn about what documentation they need to bring to the office as part of the application process. But this will generally include proof of income, savings, and they need to show that they have employment.

There may be money to pay for rent if the tenant is facing an eviction. Anyone that is behind on their utility bills or heating costs may also apply for financial help. Another use of the funds from Wesley Community Center can be for medications, clothing, or costs associated with getting to a job. These funds often prevent homelessness.

Hispanics and immigrants can get help too. Bilingual staff from the agency assist newcomers to the city. There will be assistance for the Hispanic/Latino residents, and they may be given support for emergency basic survival needs. Other assistance will help them adjust to their new life in the state of Texas.

Another key requirement from Wesley Community Center is to enroll clients into self-sufficiency sessions. Staff will also advocate as well as offer referrals and encouraging able bodied clients to give back. The staff will offer job placement services and provide limited home visits for elderly and disabled clients.

The objective of the Wesley Community Center free Food Pantry is to address hunger of struggling households. The center will help ensure no one in the city of Corpus Christin goes without access to affordable food. The site receives groceries from many sources. It is run as a collaborative effort with churches, local businesses, charities, and others. The goal is to ensure that the Food Pantry will always be able to meet the fundamental need for the working poor.




Senior Nutrition needs are met as well. Volunteers deliver home delivered meals to the homebound in Nueces County. This service will ensure that homebound participants receive at least one free, hot nutritious meal per day. Not only that, but they also receive the benefit of someone checking in on them daily

There are also several congregate meals held at churches as well as senior centers for those who still are active enough to get out. The food served at the centers provide one-third the USDA recommended daily allowance of nutrients for senior adults. It is a key service to breaking the cycle of poor nutrition, which can often lead to health conditions.

These Wesley Community Center food assistance programs targets low-income residents and disabled seniors, but other can benefit as well, such as children or the homeless. Income is considered, but is not the deciding factor in determining eligibility, though the majority of applicants are poverty level and below.

Financial support is also available from LIHEAP. This is a state of Texas and federal program that was designed to aid low-income households with the high cost of paying for home heating or cooling expenses. Households or tenants may be apply at designated times each year, which is normally in the fall. If qualified, they will receive a one-time payment or credit to their utility bill.

For households facing a shut off, crisis LIHEAP assistance for utility and heating bills. This federal grant program is available throughout the year on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are all used up. Applicants must meet poverty guidelines, have a disconnect notice for their utilities, or be out of heat, whether it is oil or another source of fuel.

Basic needs can be met by the Wesley Thrift Store. This resource provides goods, such as clothing and school supplies, to families. In addition, staff from the center work to foster self-respect and dignity for those in need. The goal is met by providing people from the larger Corpus Christi community with gently used, attractive clothing. There are other items from Wesley Community Center.





The store may sell household goods, cribs, beds, and more. Some clients can even get free furniture or other items as the result of the voucher system. Everything that is for sale can be purchased at reasonable prices. The store uses donations and the content will vary. However it will try to stock an abundance of clothing and unique items, and anyone can shop here, no matter their income.

The money raised from the sale of goods at the Thrift Store are used to support the financial assistance programs. So funds are used to run the food pantry or utility programs referenced above. Wesley Community Center will also use the money to fund other programs for people in poverty.

When it comes to employment and financial literacy, there are services for those needs as well. This is usually a requirement from Wesley Community Center, as the agency will offer people a hand up.

  • -Adult Education offers High School Equivalency classes, GED practice and ESOL classes. This can hopefully lead to increased educational opportunities for those adults who have not completed high school or that need a decent job.
  • -The federally funded WIA - Workforce Investment Act includes a number of services are available to assist the under and unemployed in meeting their academic and career goals. There may be tutoring, Leadership development, unpaid work experience, and follow up.

The center is based at 4015 MacArthur, Corpus Christi, Texas 78416. Anyone that needs more information can call (361) 880-8300 for details.




By Jon McNamara

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