Kansas City water bill assistance.

Apply for help with paying water and sewer bills from the Kansas City Water Services Customer Assistance Program. Funds can be provided to low income customers across the greater Kansas City, Missouri region to help them in am emergency. There may be money available for both water and sewer bills with the goal of preventing a shut off of their service.

The program is run in partnership with local non-profits, charities and government organizations, including the United Way in Kansas City. Customers who want more information on the program and resources offered to them should call the United Way referral service at 211 or they can try a local social service organization like the Salvation Army or community action agency.

As with all financial assistance programs, applicants will need to meet initial eligibility criteria before receiving help. Those conditions include, but are not limited, those listed below.

  • Only active Kansas City, Missouri Water Services Department (WSD) customers may be able to qualify for financial assistance for water and/or their sewer bills.
  • The applicant’s total household income will need to be at or below roughly 185% of the federal government’s poverty guidelines. Guidelines take into effect both number of people in the home as well as household income. The index to use is whichever is most recently published by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The account number of the Kansas City Water customer account needs to be recorded and captured.

Grants and financial assistance is only available for wastewater, WSD water, and/or storm water. There may be some help also provide for paying sewer bills and related expenses. Funds can be used to pay older bills and debts though too.

If after applying, if you are found to be qualified, participants are eligible to receive a maximum of $500.00 to use for water or sewer bills. You can only apply for the program and assistance once within a rolling 12 month period.





The money can be used for payment of an outstanding bill or debt under a WSD settlement, or the money can even be used for a current Kansas City Water Services Department bill. So there are different uses of funds from the CAP program.

Another condition is that applicants need to have made some type of payment from their own personal funds on the WSD bill for which the household is seeking help. This means that the customer needs to have made some type of good faith effort to pay. That most recent payment most have been made within 90 days of the date of application for help.

In addition, applicants must also comply with the eligibility requirements of the contracting non-profit agency distributing the funds, unless the Contractor’s requirements conflict with or are more stringent in which case the WSD requirements will be used. In such case, the Contractor will require the non-profit agency in Kansas City to apply only the WSD requirements. So this in effect means the conditions to apply could be more stringent than above.




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