Foreclosure assistance and property tax help in Washtenaw County.

A free program known as the Washtenaw County Foreclosure Prevention Collaborative is being offered to county homeowners. The program helps homeowners who are struggling with paying their mortgage and / or property taxes. The collaborative does its best to prevent both mortgage and tax foreclosures in Washtenaw County Michigan.

One of the keys is to ask for help as soon as possible, before it is too late. The Collaborative connects Washtenaw County individuals and homeowners with the help and resources they need. Housing Counselors that are part of the program are both caring and highly competent, and the sessions are confidential. The counselors provide invaluable free advice, referrals, counseling and educational resources.

Assistance offered by the Washtenaw County Foreclosure Prevention Collaborative

The housing counselors are both MSHDA and HUD certified. They know all about the laws, rules, and regulations that Michigan homeowners have, and they are capable of helping homeowners across the county that may be facing foreclosure. Among other services, get help in conducting workout agreements and solutions with the loss mitigation agents of mortgage lenders, national and local banks and mortgage servicers.

Specifically, some of the other services and solutions offered include the following.

  • The counselors provide accurate information on Michigan and federal government assistance programs.
  • A HUD certified housing counselor will review the applicants financial and foreclosure status, and a full fledged assessment will be completed in the process. Your property tax and mortgage payment status will be analyzed.
  • Counselors provide budget and debt reduction counseling.





  • The counselor will make recommendations regarding a homeowner’s options and solutions to their real estate tax or foreclosure problems.
  • The bank or lender will be contacted to explore options.
  • The housing counselor will even negotiate with the lender on your behalf if you decide this is the best option for you.

If your home can’t be saved, a service known as “Soft Landings” program can help homeowners who cannot prevent foreclosure. This service will provide them with the referrals and resources to make a dignified move to other appropriate housing, such as an apartment or lower priced home.

It is always important to remember that it may be possible to work with your bank, lender, or financial institution to modify the terms of your mortgage to make it more affordable, to reduce interest rates or principal, and to help the Washtenaw County homeowner avoid foreclosure. The Foreclosure Prevention Collaborative has agreements with some local and national lenders for a special process to negotiate a workout agreement or a new mortgage. They offer offer extra advocacy and mortgage solutions with the following lenders:

To get started with Washtenaw County Foreclosure Prevention Collaborative

Dial 734-222-9595. This phone number will put you in contact with an expert Intake Specialist / housing counselor who can outline the documents needed and go over the foreclosure prevention process with you. They will work with the loss mitigation department of your lender. Once again, the program is free.

By Jon McNamara

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