Washington DC foreclosure clinics.

A number of free foreclosure prevention clinics and workshops are offered to homeowners across Washington DC. The sessions are free to residents, and they provide individuals the ability to meet directly with lenders, banks, and mortgage servicers. Homeowners can meet one and one and get personal attention at the clinics and workshops. Learn about the foreclosure process as well as immediate steps to take when facing mortgage delinquency. The Washington DC workshops can help people avoid foreclosure and learn what counseling can do to help people save their home.

Many of the sessions are organized and held by the non-profit organization known as Housing Counseling Services. This organization is certified by the Department of Housing and Community Development and is a government approved counseling agency. The times and dates of the clinics will vary, but some of the past locations are indicated below. The main office of Housing Counseling Services is at Adams Morgan on 17th Street between Kalorama Road and Euclid Street. The office is across from the old skating rink in the area, and is accessible by buses as well as the Metro's red and green lines. The exact address is 2410 17th Street, NW, Suite 100, Washington, DC.

Housing Counseling Services tries to address the root causes to those who are faced with a foreclosure. The agency takes a holistic approach to addressing all family needs and financial problems. Some of the services and resources provided include:

  • Offer comprehensive free foreclosure and housing counseling.
  • Low to moderate income families can get help in buying their first home, and the goal is to help families achieve successful living in safe and affordable homes.
  • Homeless prevention is a goal of HCS. So case managers will advise clients on all options, solutions, and programs that can help them pay their mortgage and get back on track.
  • Credit counseling, debt reduction, and budgeting workshops and programs are offered to qualified individuals.
  • Provide details on how the foreclosure process work. Read more.





If you are behind on your mortgage, or think you may struggle in the future, then look into mortgage default and delinquency counseling. Residents of the District of Columbia should not hesitate to schedule a free default/delinquency counseling session, or to attend a clinic, if they need assistance. These counseling sessions, clinics, and workshops will go a long way in helping someone resolve a mortgage delinquency and to hopefully prevent foreclosure.

No matter what option you take, such as a clinic or counseling session, a highly trained professional will be able to assist you in preparing a financial analysis, resolving problems which led to the delinquency, they will explain all options available to provide a long term fix to your mortgage difficulties, and they may even be able to contact a lender on your behalf to discuss the situation and mediate a solution. Please be sure to bring all required and pertinent documents to an appointment.

As is the case with many non-profits agencies, Housing Counseling Services believes that families and individuals, regardless of their background or income, need to take personal responsibility for meeting their own needs. Case managers will work with families in developing the skills, helping them find jobs, improve self-confidence and gain the ability to increase self-sufficiency. This is key, as counseling intervention will provide a short term fix, but it will not solve the housing crisis as a whole.

Locations and times of Washington DC foreclosure prevention clinics

Sessions are usually held at the times below, however call HCS at (202) 667-7006 for details.

A session is usually held every Wednesday from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM. They will provide information about the realistic, workable and immediate steps to take when facing mortgage delinquency, learn what counseling can do, and prevent or stop a foreclosure. The clinics are free events.

Other services offered by HCS include Tenancy Counseling, Housing Training for Persons Living with HIV, Cooperative/Condominium Training and Technical Assistance, Prepurchase Counseling, Homeownership Training, and Emergency Rental Assistance.





By Jon McNamara

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