Walla Walla County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Walla Walla County Salvation Army is a faith based charity organization involved in supporting the less fortunate in the community. Volunteers from across the community help the church serve meals, pass out free boxes of non-perishable food, and hand out Christmas baskets. Some of the other social services available from full time staff are financial in nature, and the Walla Walla County charity may be able to help with utility bills, food, and housing needs.

Crisis financial assistance – The Walla Walla Salvation Army tries to provide some monetary assistance, which can sometimes make the difference between someone going hungry, homeless, or without medications. Therefore they may be a few dollars on occasion for housing expenses, including rental or energy costs. Other bill paying services may cover a tank of gasoline for work or similar employment needs.

Shelter – The Salvation Army shelters in Washington state can help displaced families or individuals. While the Walla Walla location does not have one, referrals can be provided. Both emergency short term as well as longer term transitional housing may be used.

Meals and Food Assistance – There are two options. One is the food pantry and the other is the soup kitchen. The goal is to either give them groceries or a healthy, warm meal to help feed the household. This also ties into the holiday programs referenced below as well.

Help from seasonal donation programs – There are four of them offered, depending on the time of the year. There are meals at Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. As far as material goods, there are free Christmas toys as well as back to school supplies (notebooks, clothes, pens, etc.). The last option will be the Summer Camp that the Walla Walla County Salvation Army can refer people too.

Walla Walla drug assistance programs – The church works to help people facing an addiction. The Adult Rehabilitation Center is the primary tool available. The can help people restore families, regain health as well as stability, and of course combat addiction. Adults and even teenagers can get help if they are battling an addiction.





Salvation Army anti-poverty services – All of the financial aid is short term only. For example, the Salvation Army may only pay a portion of rent or offer one time medications. Therefore ending the cycle of poverty or struggling is critical. To this end, there is educational resources and/or career counseling too. Job Placement services are also available as well, including information on Washington job placement programs.

Assistance for kids – This is also a mostly volunteer service. The Walla Walla County Salvation Army does its best to ensure youth grow as well as develop. Volunteer teachers or other well regarded individuals can assist with homework. There are also various art, dance, and more so called recreational programs available.

Emergency Preparedness, Disaster response, practical needs – These are all part of the disaster recovery programs. The Salvation Army responds in Walla Walla County Washington when something goes wrong. They help in fires, man-made or natural events. Everything from blankets to water, financial help, counseling and emotional care are given to the client. The goal is to respond to the client to help them get on track in as short order as possible.

The Walla Walla Salvation Army outpost is at 827 W. Alder St., Walla Walla. The primary intake number is 509-529-9470.



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