Walker County Georgia Salvation Army programs.

Walker County Salvation Army programs can help the working poor, senior citizens, children, and single moms among others. The location is a Christian, church based group, but it does help in a crisis all people in need. The center will offer free food, some financial aid, and general counseling as well.

Any assistance is available as a last resort, and it is limited. The potential applicant will need to have visited other local charities as well as DHS offices first. There may be some exceptions to this though, such as the season back to school and Christmas assistance programs. They will also provide help to people in a disaster, and that too is immediate relief.

At the main Salvation Army center is the office for applications to emergency rent or energy bill help as as well as the thrift store and food pantry. When it comes to people seeking a cash grant as part of financial aid, this is very limited. In fact, money is only paid out a couple days per week, and it will depend on whether funds are offered or not.

Programs from Salvation Army in Walker County Georgia

They are extensive. A full listing of them is below. Note, when applying, bring proof of residency, income, and need. This may include everything from unpaid utility or water bills to copies of a lease showing the rent that is due, copies of identification, and more. The Salvation Army case manager or volunteer may ask for more information too.

  • Food bank – The center will have free groceries, baby formula, milk, dairy, and more. Some items are fresh, and other goods are canned. They also can direct clients to additional free food pantries in Georgia.
  • Financial aid – When there is money, it can help pay light bills, rent, or water costs. In some cases, a loan is issued by the charity.
  • Walker County Salvation Army seasonal services – Apply for free toys from Angel Tree or school assistance, including uniforms or free backpacks.
  • Clothing and non-food items – This is the center that provides personal hygiene items, diapers, cleaning, supplies, and more.





  • Thrift store – Families can purchase gently used furniture from the Walker County Salvation Army.
  • Disaster relief services include a hot meal, shelter, water, clothing, and more.
  • Housing needs may be satisfied by the rent help indicated above, but there are also shelters and temporary housing units arranged when the capacity allows.

Those are some of the material goods provided. Another focus is on ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness. This Walker County Salvation Army service is critically needed both local and across the nation. What is provided for this includes the following:

  • The center allows people from the community to use a computer for job searching, creating resumes or cover letters, and applying for public benefits too.
  • While waiting on a first paycheck, or for an interview, either free bus passes or gas vouchers are available for travel in Walker County.
  • Walker County Salvation Army clothing closet can provide suits, dresses, boots for outdoor work, or educational/school supplies.
  • General case management, including mentoring for the unemployed or youth is arranged.
  • The location has information on state job center as well, such as the WIA program.

The Salvation Army in Walker County has a goal of supporting the vulnerable and struggling families. While they may, on occasion, have funds to help pay bills or address housing needs, the true calling of the branch in Lafayette Georgia (as well as many others) is to get their clients on the path to long term stability. Call them at 423-756-1023.



By Jon McNamara

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