Volunteers of America Northern California and Nevada.

For families that are struggling, veterans, or the currently homeless, the non-profit Volunteers of America Northern California and Northern Nevada provides several housing assistance programs and referrals. The non-profit is part of the nationwide network. Staff and volunteers do their best to help the less fortunate.

Too many families have been impacted by unemployment and/or a reduction in their income. Others struggle to pay for the expensive housing in California and Nevada. Or individuals can be impacted by mental illness, domestic disputes, drug abuse or a number of other personal or financial problems. All of this and more could lead to homelessness and evictions in the community. In these cases, Volunteers of America may have advice or solutions.

A major focus is on veterans in California. Using grants and funds from the federal government and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the program known as Supportive Services for Veteran is coordinated by Volunteers of America. The non-profit can provide supportive services to extremely low or very low-income veterans and even their families. Additional assistance is for those that are homeless.

Some of the services made available include temporary financial assistance to prevent or resolve homelessness, housing counseling, referrals, and case management. This may even include money to pay the rent or other housing costs. If someone is homeless, they should call (916) 228-3153

Homeless assistance is arranged by Volunteers of America. The Northern Nevada and California centers are committed to seeking solutions to long term homelessness. The Greater Sacramento groups operates emergency shelters in the county. As part of these Housing Assistance Program, staff from Volunteers of America provide information, assessments, advocacy and referrals to both individual and family shelters.

Additional resources include referrals from their Housing Assistance Program, information on shelters, and substance abuse outreach counseling. They also provide information on and access to several transitional and permanent supportive housing programs.




Homeless shelters will also try to help clients break the cycle of homelessness. In an effort to support those people that are living on the streets, the non-profit Volunteers of America operates emergency shelters for the temporary and chronically homeless in Reno, Nevada and also Sacramento, California. Some of the names of the facilities go by Open Arms, Winter Sanctuary, and even just a Men's Shelter.

Short term and transitional housing services can help facilitate the path to locating and paying the rent on a permanent home. For those that qualify for aid, Volunteers of America provides multiple transitional housing opportunities for women and men who are disabled, homeless, in recovery, or even to those that who have "aged out" of the foster care system. In many cases the clients need to agree to work or pay a portion of their income towards rent.

Families can also take part in the various Transitional Housing Programs. They were created in an effort to keep families together. They can assist during a number of times of homelessness. The units can assist single parents, help those during the substance abuse recovery process, and others. It is a one-year CalWorks-referral program. During their residency at the apartment or complex, parents are provided life-skills training, aftercare support and permanent housing referrals.

There are also Transitional Housing for Parenting Women in northern California and Nevada. These are for women and single parents that complete self-sufficiency classes and/or an approved Residential Treatment Program. When it operates, it is a six- to nine-month semi-independent living program that further encourages success through mandatory continuing education, substance abuse counseling, and vocational rehabilitation services. It also facilitates the reunification of mothers with children 12 and younger. There is also a one year follow up offered for those that use the apartments or homes.

The Volunteers of America permanent supportive housing program coordinates different services for those that are able to enroll. They may benefit from ongoing social supportive services. Assistance is offered for the economically disadvantaged, the disabled, the homeless, people that have chronic problems with alcohol, drugs, or both, and the poor. A couple options available include Nova House and also the Omega Project.

  • Nova house will offer housing, educational services, and living skills training and for disabled homeless men and women that are working to improve their quality of life.
  • Omega Project is a longer term solution. It is also for the disabled.





Clients of these and really any VOA programs will be provided housing as well as access to long-term living skills training. Individuals also get education and support as they work to improve their quality of life.

There are also Youth Services. The focus is on helping those that are leaving foster care. They will be presented with a safe and nurturing option.

Senior housing services are offered. Unfortunately all too many of the elderly lack the financial resource to pay for housing, health care, and other bills. A lack of options and familial support may lead to homelessness or abuse. This is when the Volunteers of America Northern California and Nevada may be able to step in and assist.

The non-profit runs some affordable housing apartment complexes. Staff can also disburse referrals for meals, personal care, housekeeping, and transportation. These resources are known as the Affordable Senior Housing Program. There are also emergency shelters for abused seniors, and this is available from their Sacramento location.

There are additional Affordable Housing units for seniors over the age of 62. They are located in Rocklin, Auburn, Roseville, Santa Cruz and Reno, Nevada. Case managers and staff from VOA can also offer referrals to local social service agencies, providers and residents. They will give the elderly residents of the Volunteers of America senior housing complexes with information about community resources, government benefits, housekeeping, transportation and free meal preparation services.




The main Volunteers of America Northern California and Nevada offices are below. Call for referrals or details on their programs.

Reno Community Assistance Center 335 Record St., Suite 231 Reno, Nevada 89512, (775) 322-7143
Bay Area administrative office, 672 Thirteenth Street, Suite 100, Oakland, CA 94612, call (510) 663-4546
Sacramento County center is at 3434 Marconi Ave Sacramento, California 95821. Call (916) 265-3400


By Jon McNamara

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