Virginia caregiver assistance programs.

Individuals in Virginia who are taking care of a senior, disabled, critically sick child, or otherwise impaired member of their household may be able to receive relief. Located across the state are several non-profit organizations and government programs that are committed to assisting those who need help in caring for a relative.

The types of assistance programs will vary by agency, available funding, and other factors. In general those who are providing care to another, and who need help in doing this, do have resources available to them. While the financial programs referenced below will depend on funding, if you do not qualify many of the organizations may be able to provide general support, referrals, or other aid.

Alexandria Division of Social Services can coordinate financial benefits and government support for caregivers of adolescents and children with disabilities. Call the main office at 703-838-0700 for information and details on the services available.

Acts, Inc. offers emergency assistance with clothing, food, and furniture. Some emergency financial assistance and cash may be offered for paying rent, prescriptions and utilities. This agency will only help caregivers who reside in the Eastern Prince William County region. 703-221-3186

United Way of Central Virginia obviously covers the middle portion of the state. The location offers a variety of services such as legal assistance, financial assistance for paying rent or utilities, emergency services, mental health care and information and referrals to local charities, service agencies and others. Telephone - 434-846-8467

Alleghany Highlands Community Service Board offers resources for all individuals with developmental disabilities, mental retardation, and developmental delays. Those who are qualified can receive screenings, assessment, advocacy, referral, monitoring, and limited financial assistance for bills. Those who are caring for the individual can receive 24 hour respite care. 540-863-1620.




AMEN (Arlingtonians Ministering to Emergency Needs) supports Arlington and the immediate northern Virginia region. It provides emergency financial assistance and cash grants to those residents who need help due to some unforeseen circumstances, with a focus on seniors and families with young children. Call the location at 703-558-0035.

Prince William County Department of Social Services administers a number of low income programs and support for the working poor. Aid is offered for families, caregivers and individuals in Virginia and Prince William who find themselves in need of help. 703-792-7500.

Southwest Virginia residents can contact Appalachian AIDS Coalition, Inc. at 540-889-7621. This non-profit offers support services for individuals with AIDS/HIV as well as those who are caring for them. Examples of services available include financial assistance for dental, transportation expenses, medical and medication. If the center can't meet your need then get referrals and other support. Another very similar organization is New River Valley AIDS Coalition, which also offers a variety of support services including support groups, case management, financial assistance for medical bills, prescriptions, rent, housing and utilities. Patients can dial 540-381-5473.

Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare offers financial support to assist families in caring for a family member with a disability. The case managers and support staff will also try to improve the quality of life for the disabled family member. Some of the eligibility requirements that are required in order to receive service are that a family member needs to be emotionally disturbed and mentally retarded or physically handicapped. 540-342-6003.

Echo provides free food, meals on wheels services to the home bound and elderly, financial assistance, medical services, discounted clothing and more. Dial 703-569-9160.

Family Support Grant of Norfolk Virginia provides a combination of services and assistance for families who are residents of and provide care at home. It is offered for family members with mental retardation or a child with some form of a developmental delay. Telephone number is 757-441-5300.




Link, Inc. serves residents of the Herndon and Sterling Virginia and their extended areas. The center and the assistance programs they administer provide food and gift certificates, limited financial assistance for housing and medications, furniture and more to caregivers. In addition, get referrals from congregations or other social services agencies. Call 703-437-1776 for a listing and details on their programs.

Consumer Services Fund is available for children or adults. Any applications and request for help needs to be disability specific. It may be able to assist residents with physical or sensory disabilities. Applications are usually filled out by an advocate who works with the caregiver or patient. Call 800-552-5019 for additional information. It is only offered to people who have no other options or resources available to them.

Operation Blessing International is a statewide group that offers limited financial assistance for mortgage payments, utilities (water, electricity, natural gas) or rent. It is offered when someone is faced with a catastrophic loss (fire, flood, earthquake). Requests will only be considered by Operation Blessing if a letter is attached from a church or pastoral agency. 757-245-7376.

Lorton Community Action Center can support caregivers and the people who need help. The non-profit will provide clothing, food, emergency financial assistance, grants, and of course information and referral. If you need to apply for help, referrals from social service agencies and government organizations are preferred. Call 703-339-5161. Proof of address is required when applying.

Serve, Inc. may be able to deliver to the disabled and elderly in the community. Receive monthly food packets, childcare, financial assistance, and more. This particular non-profit, which can be reached at  703-368-3612, serves Manassas Park, Western Prince William County, and the city of Manassas.

Virginia Chapter of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society offers financial aid and information to patients who have on-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, or multiple myeloma. The individual who is caring for them may also get help. Programs may reimburses clients up to $500 a year to patients for chemotherapy drugs, transportation, transfusions, and testing not covered by health insurance or other sources. The toll free number is 800-955-4572.



By Jon McNamara

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