Virginia Beach public assistance and aid.

The Virginia Beach Department of Social Services provides low income families, seniors, and other qualified residents with resources including cash assistance, job training programs, utility bill help, and other public aid. Case managers are committed to helping low income families get the help they need.

The Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program can help people buy food, and clients will be issued an Electronic Benefit Transfer Card. You just need to bring this EBT card to the grocery store when purchasing food for you and your family. Millions of people across the country use the SNAP program to acquire nutritional food items for their families.

The food stamp/SNAP program can be used to buy a number of different items, including food, perishable items, and regular groceries. Believe it or not, but people can also buy seeds and plants to grow food in your home garden. Note that as this is created by public government funds, individuals can’t buy soap or paper products or other non-food items. Alcoholic beverages or tobacco, pet foods, or hot, prepared meals and foods can’t be bought either.

The main government cash assistance program is TANF/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. It offers short term financial assistance to eligible Virginia Beach families with children. The family who is enrolled will receive a monthly cash payment from the public assistance fund, and all money is used to help people pay their bills to meet basic needs.

Education and employment services are offered by Virginia Beach Social Services. This includes Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program employment and Training (SNAPET), supportive services and employment, training opportunities, and education. The goal is to support the family’s goals of child development and economic self sufficiency.

To expand on above, SNAPET is an employment program offered to people who receive help from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It supports the family goals of economic self sufficiency and child development and can serves those recipients who do not have a high school diploma and who are also under 60 years old.





Medical bill assistance is offered from Medicaid. This federal government program pays for health, hospital and medical bills for certain groups of low income or uninsured people and families. The Local Virginia Beach Department of Social Services takes applications for Medicaid and also makes eligibility decisions. The program is not insurance, and also keep in mind that Medicaid is only available to people who fall into certain categories and who also have limited finances.

Utility bill assistance, including fuel, cooling bills, and more general energy expenses. Combined, this public program can assist low-income households in Virginia Beach, in particular those with the lowest incomes that pay a high proportion of household income for their utility and home energy bills.

  • Cooling Assistance operates during the summer. It can pay for air conditioning or cooling bills. It can also provide for the purchase or repair of fans, air conditioning, or so called cooling equipment. This aid is only for households with at least one vulnerable individual who is defined as a person who is disabled, under age 6, or age 60 or over. In some cases it can also provide a free fan or air conditioner to those who qualify.
  • Heating bill and fuel assistance operates during the winter. You can apply at your local Virginia Beach Social Service office, and can help pay natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil bills. Priority from this public program is for seniors and low income families with children.
  • Crisis Assistance is offered when someone is faced with disconnection of their heat or air conditioner. It was created to meet a qualifying household's emergency heating or cooling needs when no other Virginia Beach resource is available. It can pay out a one-time only grant for utility bills, heating equipment repair/purchase, or primary heat security deposit.

Virginia Beach Department of Human Services is located at 3432 Virginia Beach Blvd. Phone (757) 437-3200.



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