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Find how to get assistance in the county of Milwaukee. The charity organization known as United Migrant Opportunity Services can advise residents on applying for benefits such as Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program or rent help from Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP). Staff can also help meet more basic needs, such as that for food or clothing items.

Addressing the most basic needs of food and shelter are priority. While funds for paying expenses such as rent or a security deposit are rare, there are possibility such as the federally funded EFSP - Emergency Food & Shelter Program. Other options include Supportive Housing for the disabled or local shelters, and more details are below.

Supportive Housing Program, or SHP, is offered by agencies that are part of the Continuum of Care. The goal is to encourage and support the development of low income housing for the formerly homeless. There are also other supportive services arranged in an effort to assist persons in the transition from living on the streets to access a new, low income apartment or home.

SHP seeks to help homeless individuals and families live as independently as possible. This will require them to achieve residential stability, increase their incomes as well as skill levels, and also obtain greater self-determination. Clients of United Migrant Opportunity Services must be living on the street or in emergency shelter, show an ability in achieving housing stability, and fully participate in case management.

Security deposit and rental assistance is part of Emergency Food & Shelter Program. This is a once per year grant that can help people or working poor families with economic emergencies. Depending on the applicant's income and credit worthiness, some clients are issued an interest free loans as part of EFSP. It can help with everything from unpaid energy bills to emergency funds for rent or moving costs.

Applications to public aid from United Migrant Opportunity Services

There are several options in the county of Milwaukee and state of Wisconsin. Staff from United Migrant Opportunity Services can direct the resident to the most convenient application point, and provide more details on the various resources available to them.





Utility bill resources are part of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance, or LIHEAP program. This will assist very low income families and people in poverty with heating or cooling costs. There is the subsidy portion, as well as Crisis LIHEAP, which is typically January through March. Grants are issued by UMOS for bills as part of a statewide initiative.

United Migrant Opportunity Services can provide information on SNAP applications, or food stamps. This is a resource that is incredibly under used as many eligible households do not apply for it. However, it is also widely available in Milwaukee to many people who may be qualified but aren’t aware of the program. Staff are on site and can help individuals get the correct information to start the application process. Note priorities in the area are for homes with an elderly member, handicapped, children under 6 or that are high users of electricity.

Weatherization Program, which is often combined with LIHEAP when the waiting list is current, helps reduce the impact of rising energy costs. It is free in Milwaukee, and it works by installation of energy conserving measures. Homeowners may receive free caulking, insulation, roof repairs and weather-stripping. The exact conservation measures done will depend on the results of an energy audit.

Senior Nutrition from United Migrant Opportunity Services relies on government grants and private donations. It helps senior citizens in Milwaukee by feeding them from Congregate Dining centers and it will also arrange for the Home Delivered and Frozen Meals. The Program promotes client health and independent. Volunteers from homes and businesses in Milwaukee county also provide continuing support for the Senior Nutrition Program and its participants.

Volunteers from UMOS are key to the service. For example, Frozen Meals are delivered by them to clients and are available for weekend, holiday, emergency and occasional rural delivery. It will also give them company, therefore address allow for the reduction of social isolation.




When applying for any type of support, United Migrant Opportunity Services Family Self-Sufficiency is required. This is for people of all backgrounds and incomes, especially the low income or single-parent families. The fact is that a developmentally supportive program of case management will help working poor families increase their income and decrease their dependence on government entitlements.

UMOS operates across the city and county. The main location is 2701 S. Chase Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207, or dial (414) 389-6000.


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