United Cancer Advocacy Action Network cancer assistance programs.

An organization that provides assistance to cancer patients in the Southern California region is United Cancer Advocacy Action Network. The non-profit administers programs in the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. While funding and resources are limited, the organization will do their best to help cancer patients receive the support they need during a challenging time.

One of the financial assistance programs they administer is known as G.A.S., or Gas Assistance System. This will assist cancer patients and survivors by providing them funding so that they can get to their medical treatments or doctor appointment. It offers vouchers that people can use to pay for gasoline. This program was created as a vast majority of phone calls received by United Cancer Advocacy Action Network (UCAAN) are from patients who need financial assistance to pay bills, including transportation costs.

The organization knows very well the financial difficulties that patients may be facing. So they try their best to offer assistance to individuals. Sometimes patients just need a little bit of money to get to their treatment or medical appointment. So UCAAN is doing its best to give patients the gas cards and means to get to the doctor. They provide them money and vouchers up front, and not just as a reimbursement.

The UCAAN Gas Assistance System is focused on cancer survivors and patients in the southern California Tri-County area. So the programs help people in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles County. When funding allows, clients can receive a $25 gas card. It can only be used to help people get to their treatments. Also keep in mind that at most one $25 gas card is offered per patient per month that are undergoing cancer care, so use it wisely. This will also depend on United Cancer Advocacy Action Network having enough funding. A formal application is required, and not everyone will be able to qualify for G.A.S.

The non-profit UCANN was started in 2009, and it is strictly focused on helping cancer survivors and will try to give them the levels of support that they need during a difficult period. They help by providing resources and gifts of hope. They also work with others in the community to coordinate additional ongoing support.




In addition to the gasoline vouchers, the non-profit will try to offering additional programs to cancer survivors. They include.

Fluoride tray assistance, which is available to qualified patients undergoing ongoing cancer care and treatment. They work with local dentists to offer individuals a limited dental exam and also a set of fluoride trays. These trays can have a number of benefits, including they may help prevent the side effects caused by chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

Young at Heart is a coordinated, peer lead support group for patients. It will incorporate web chat to include survivors across the country, group guided Imagery hypnotherapy, gifts of hope, personal guidance, one-on-one counseling and other forms of support.

Information and referrals are always available from United Cancer Advocacy Action Network. Learn about other local and national programs and resources that may be offered for cancer patients in the region. They also are always trying to expand the number of offerings they have available. Call 805-796-6090 to learn more, or to donate to the cause.




By Jon McNamara

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