UJA Federation of New York City assistance programs.

A leading non-profit in New York City, the UJA Federation, provides emergency assistance to the struggling from a program known as Connect to Care. Services are available for the unemployed, elderly, disabled, and others that are struggling.

Income qualified families have received emergency funds for paying rent, work development, access to free food pantries, credit counseling, and other support. Assistance is provided to those that qualify regardless of their religion. Thousands of families have received homeless prevention in the form of emergency rent or mortgage assistance.

To help deal with the effects of the weak economy, UJA-Federation initiated the Connect to Care program. It was created to help address the increasing requests for rent subsidies, legal and housing services, medical assistance, and more. It combines loans with additional types of financial aid. Other support is for employment and career-transition services, financial consulting, debt counseling, and budget assistance, and even low cost medical care.

The program uses the UJA vast network of non-profit agencies to leverage the services and strengths of many of New York City's most prestigious and effective human-service agencies. Resources are available from several multi-service centers and synagogues that are located throughout New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Westchester, and other boroughs.




To apply for assistance from Connect to Care, dial 1-877-852-6951 to get free information on the intake process and a center that may be convenient to you. Or NYC residents can find other no interest loan programs.

UJA-Federation's partners with a number of charities. They provide vital support to a wide range of agencies and grantees. These groups are all on the front lines of poverty-relief efforts in New York City. The beneficiary can offer the following.

  • Provide qualified residents with free legal aid to prevent evictions and secure essential government benefits.
  • The UJA will help coordinate and provide basic groceries, free food and nutritious meals to low-income residents.





  • Offer unemployed adults basic job training, placement services, free loans for some supplies, and counseling.
  • Support families and students with day camp and child care scholarships.
  • Offer struggling New Yorkers with temporary shelter, counseling, and financial assistance to pay the rent to prevent homelessness.

Using the financial support and expertise from UJA-Federation, the network of agencies in New York City can sustain first-rate services. Also, using the expertise of professional staff and pro bono consultants, the network of agencies can operate more efficiently and build stronger volunteer leadership opportunities across the region. Staff also advocate on the federal, state of New York, and local city levels to support policies and funding decisions that the network of partner agencies serve vulnerable populations and the poor.

Programs are also offered for the disabled. With tens of thousands of families in New York City either being disabled or maybe they have a member of their household with a disability, the need for help is extensive. UJA-Federation tries to meet this need. As just one example, they provide hundreds of families recreational, social, and therapeutic opportunities, advocacy, respite care, and also access to a paid internship program.

Over one million people in New York City live in poverty. Often times the cause is either unemployment or the lack of a job that pays life sustaining wages. For the jobless, the agency will hold job fairs and provide career counseling. They can help with resume preparation and other job search assistance. In addition, while the unemployed person is actively pursuing a job, UJA may offer them emergency cash assistance for basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing needs.

Resources are offered for the aging population. This includes offering New Yorkers access to comprehensive, community-based services. Much of the help for the elderly is offered through the Senior Aid program and can help people remain independent. The UJA Federation can also offer much needed assistance to overextended family caregivers in need of respite and other support. This is provided from the Family Caregiving Initiative to help those coping with a disease or serious illness.




For information on any of these resources or to locate a center near you, dial 1-877-852-6951.


By Jon McNamara

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