Housing and credit solutions from Triangle Family Services.

The main focus of Triangle Family Services is on preventing homelessness and also working with individuals on stabilizing their financial situation. The non-profit can direct families that are behind on their rent to EHAP - Emergency Housing Assistance Program and also provide help to homeowners facing a foreclosure. All of this is offered at the same time as budget and credit counseling.

For residents of Wake County who are homeless now, struggling with paying their bills or are in immediate danger of becoming homeless, TFS operates the Centralized Intake phone line. This is for all towns and cities in Wake County, including Raleigh and Cary among others. Staff from the agency will evaluate the caller’s situation and then direct them to emergency grants or other financial aid from the Emergency Housing Assistance Program. Or if they do not qualify, there are referrals to other resources in Wake County.

EHAP assists families who are at facing eviction or that are currently homeless. Hundreds of families have benefitted from these services, which are part of the Financial Stability Division. What may be offered includes emergency financial assistance for back rent, financial literacy education, up to 12 months of intensive case management, and free budget counseling.

The comprehensive case management solutions facilitated by TFS model goes beyond providing short-term solutions by assisting families in building a strong foundation for a long term, financially stable future. So it addresses income, savings, employment needs, and much more.

Triangle Family Services is a HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency in the Raleigh market. The counselors are certified by The Association of Housing Counselors and the state of North Carolina to provide services and advice, as noted below.

  • Mortgage Delinquency or Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is for struggling homeowners who are working to make ends meet. Meet with a representative for solutions, including guidance in managing expenses and debts or applications for loan modifications.
  • Potential buyers can enroll into Pre-Purchase Counseling. Staff from TFS offer help with creating affordable budgets, improving and reviewing credit, and explaining how to improve scores.
  • Get free advice on loss mitigation options. There are often programs offered by the lender, and the staff can help someone apply for them or other government resources.




Seniors in Wake County can benefit from the Reverse Mortgage Counseling Program arranged by Triangle Family Services. These loans are provided against the equity in the home, and require no payments, as long as the homeowner is able to remain living in the house. Funds may be used to supplement monthly income, pay off all existing mortgages, or even do things like make needed home repairs.

TFS is regional administrator of the North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund, which is financed and underwritten by the state’s Housing Finance Agency. The intent of this program is to assist unemployed homeowners who are in danger of foreclosure.

This program helps those who have lost their jobs, are facing an anticipated layoff, or have had a cut back due to changing economic conditions. In addition to that, it can help those clients who have lost wages, by providing funding to bring a mortgage current, and even make the payments on their home for a limited time while the client looks for work.

Certified budget and credit counselors are available to help people manage finances in a variety of ways. The goal is to help residents achieve their savings and financial goals. The components of what is offered is below.

  • Budget Counseling is a key TFS service, as it all starts with that foundation. Counselors provide assistance in creating an appropriate budget to fit the income and lifestyle needs of clients who have never created one before.
  • Debt reduction, including credit counseling, includes activities such as mediation or enrollment into a DMP. There is also free advice on filing for bankruptcy, as a last resort. There are also programs and tips for reducing interest rates and monthly payments on credit card or medical debts.




Counselors from Triangle Family Services review all aspects of a client’s financial circumstances, including income, expenses, and debts. They will then work with the individual to find a solution that will enable the client to create a balanced budget and manage your debt.

The location of the TFS office is at 3937 Western Blvd., Raleigh, North Carolina 27606. Call 919-821-0790 for an appointment or information.


By Jon McNamara

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