Topeka water bill assistance programs.

Non-profits and charities across Shawnee County Kansas have combined resources in an effort to help low income families and those that are struggling with paying their water bills. The main resource available is a charity type fund, and it is called Water RoundUp. This particular assistance program relies on donations and the generosity of people from the community and nearby non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army.

The Topeka Public Works Department took a leading role in creating this program. It allows customers, both residential and businesses, to contribute funds. Any donations made are for the purpose of assisting in the payment of City utility and water bills of those less fortunate. Many senior citizens, disabled, the elderly, and families with children benefit. The generosity of people in the community has prevented many Shawnee County families from having their power disconnected or water service turned off.

Any contribution you make will also be tax deductible. To donate, when you pay your City utility bill, customers have the ability to add an automatic amount of their choosing to go to the charity program. What you donate will also not go to paying administrative costs, so people have confidence that their contribution will make a difference. The funds will go directly to the low income and have a purpose of assisting in the payment of City of Topeka utility bills of those who are facing a crisis or that are less fortunate.

The Water RoundUp program is just one of the resources available. Shawnee County non-profits, including Doorstep, Let's Help, and the Salvation Army, administer it and others. They process applications and disburse funding. Those non-profits of course are working closely with Topeka Public Works Department to facilitate the charitable donations.

To apply for help, call a case manager from Let's Help, Doorstep, and/or the local Salvation Army corp center. The entire program is administered by these non-profits. They are also a great place to get referrals to other local resources, both conservation programs and direct financial aid. So even if RoundUp is not available, there may be other grant programs available.





Unfortunately the resources at these organizations are always limited. When possible, money may be offered to income eligible clients for a variety of expenses, including water bills. Priority is also in generally given to people who are at risk if their service was disconnected.

Another benefit of contacting one of the non-profits is they can often provide general case management or help people apply for other government benefits in Shawnee County. So this additional support and advice can help get a low income family on a sustainable path to self-sufficiency.

Another place to call or stop by for additional information is the City of Topeka Customer Services Division. The main office is at 3245 NW Water Works Dr, Topeka, Kansas, 66606-1984. Or customers can dial 785-368-3111 for all customer service questions.

To contribute to the program, residents can sign up to donate to the Public Works RoundUp Program by calling 785-368-3111. People can donate as much or as little as they like, and every dollar makes a difference in someone's life. In addition, all donations that are made to the Public Works RoundUp program are clearly marked on the customer's statements as charitable contributions. So individuals can see this directly on their City utility bills.

Not only does the program allow people the ability to give back, but as indicated, most donations should also be tax-deductible. However anyone who contributes can consult a tax adviser if they are unsure of this. Or feel free to call the Topeka or Shawnee County Salvation Army as they can advise on the contribution process as well. All contributions will always be appreciated by those in need.




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