Water bill assistance in Thousand Oaks.

Hundreds of households that live in the City of Thousand Oaks may be able to get help with their water as well as wastewater bills. The assistance is being provided in the form of monthly credits on their bills. While the dollar provided to each applicant amount is minimal, the credits can help many struggling families pay a small amount of their water expenses for a month.

The Thousand Oaks water bill assistance program is also recurring. The credit is not just for one month; it will continue for an extended period of time. This provides a little more long-term relief to the household in question. While the exact timeframe will vary, generally the low-income family will receive multiple months of wastewater and/or water bill help. It tends to run concurrent with the CARE energy program.

The total amount of the recurring credit will vary. Generally, the amount will be about $15 per month, but it can vary. That is broken up between $10 for a water bill and $5 for wastewater. But once again the program funding terms can change as well as the amounts paid out. So, the exact value could increase or decrease. Both late and nonpayment fees are used to help provide credits to clients.

Note the City of Thousand Oaks may offer other financial support as well. Other assistance for water bills may include payment plans, abatements, or reduced rates. So credits on an existing (or future) bill is not the only options. Any struggling household should explore all of the options available to them.

In addition, there are charities in the city, and across the county, that may be able to assist. Some will provide cash grants or other funds for paying water bills, such as the City of Thousand Oaks Salvation Army, when they can help. Other non-profits are more focused on giving referrals and/or advice to struggling families. There are therefore different approaches taken by various agencies. But the goal is to always help the household keep their water service connected.





The terms and conditions run along with other state of California energy programs. This means that someone who gets help with their utilities (either gas or electric) may also be qualified for this resource. So any Thousand Oaks resident that is low to moderate income, or facing a financial crisis, may apply. But to receive a credit they also need to be enrolled into Southern California Gas or Edison CARE programs. The city Public Service Department adheres to those guidelines when reviewing applications for a credit.

There is limited funding for this program. Therefore, not every resident that needs help will qualify. Some may be placed onto a waiting list, which can be extensive. If this is the case then the water or sewer company will contact the applicant to let them know of the status.

For more information, or to apply for a credit, the City of Thousands Oaks Public Service Department can be reached at (805) 449-2201. Note that any water bill assistance is only offered for clients who are enrolled into the CARE program and that meet other criteria.




By Jon McNamara

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