Talladega County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Clients of the Salvation Army in Talladega County Alabama come from a diverse background. Many are faced with some form of temporary hardship, and they need help to keep their utilities on, pay the rent, or feed their families. While there are no guaranties to receiving help in the Talladega County area, the goal is to assist in some way or another.

Shelter and transitional housing is offered. There are strict requirements to using this temporary housing. The guests of any unit, whether they are short or long term homeless, need to attend case management and life skill sessions. This can include, but are not limited to, substance abuse, credit counseling or budgeting classes, and more. Children also benefit from the shelter/transitional housing as they know where they will sleep each night, and have a consistent opportunity to attend day care and school.

Anyone staying in the housing units will also need to take on basic chores and contribute to some of the costs. The Salvation of Talladega County transitional housing will require a guest to pay a small dollar amount for their rent. Additionally, the person will need to meet with a social worker that focuses on employment matters. As they do need to find a job.

Once that has been done, the client will need to save a good portion of their income for future housing costs they will face when they are living on their own. This will include a security deposit for a new home as well as moving costs. Not only will the savings help them get off on the right start, but it also encourages personal responsibility.

The Salvation Army can also enroll people into a GED Program. Clients are assisted with the different tasks. There will be sessions created for pre-testing and studying. Teachers from the greater Talladega County area will often volunteer their time to help people obtain a GED. Then, when the time is right, a practice test is given. After succeeding with those activities, a test will be given to the client free of charge.

Talladega County Salvation Army Salvation Army will help feed families. They will do this by opening a dining room/soup kitchen. This is manned by volunteers and relies on donated food from the community. There is also a food pantry on site as well.




At the soup kitchen, anyone is welcome to stop by and share a free hot meal. This is combined with counseling and church services. Not only is a meal served, but the social workers also provide information on other services available to them in the community, such as financial aid as well as job placement.

During the holidays, in particular Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are meals served for the needy on or near on Thanksgiving Day as well as Christmas Day. Volunteers and donors give their time as well as material goods in an effort to make this happen.

There is also a gift program available in Talladega County. This is known as the Angel Tree and it will help children from low income families. There is a strict deadline in place, and no applications are accepted after it has passed.

Once again, people from the community partner with the Salvation Army of Talladega County to give back. They will buy small toys, clothing, or presents. Any family that does enroll is responsible for picking up child’s gifts at the distribution center. Also, if a resident of Talladega County registers to receive Christmas gifts from another local non-profit or charity agency, you will be dropped from the Angel Tree program. This will ensure there is no duplication of effort and that the program is only assisting low income families in the most need.

Other social services from the Salvation Army in Talladega County Alabama Community Center include the following.

-There is help for addressing disasters. The Salvation Army in Talladega County and its volunteers will provide food, meals, vouchers, and more in partnership with first responders.
-Referrals are given to government grant programs, ranging from LIHEAP for paying utility bills to section 8 or food stamps.
-Transportation is arranged in Talladega County. There may be rides for senior citizens or a voucher for gasoline if someone needs it for work.
-Children can receive Back-to-School Supplies, clothing, and uniforms.
-A thrift store at the corps center sells gently used goods to the public.




When seeking any type of help from the Salvation Army of Talladega County, eligibility for these services is not guaranteed. In fact, most people are turned away or referred somewhere else as resources are so limited. However clients should come prepared with documentation including pay stubs, rental agreements, copies of income, and birth certificates. Many of the clients do have a job, but it is just low paying and the person seeking help is considered working poor.

The Salvation Army corps center is located in Talladega, Alabama at 215 Battle St E, zip code 35160. Call (256) 362-1349 for intake.


By Jon McNamara

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