First Family Service Center programs of Talladega County.

The main objective of First Family Service Center is to help low to moderate income families that are in a crisis. The non-profit will direct families to financial support in Talladega County or the state of Alabama. Staff, as well as some volunteers from the community, will also offer follow up to the client in an effort to support them with any long term needs that they may have.

There is also assistance for the disabled and senior citizens across the county. Other support will address the needs of low-income individuals including the homeless, migrants and the elderly. So Talladega County First Family Service Center provides assistance regardless of age, race, religion, or background.

Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing are more reactive solutions to a client that is homeless. However, there may be occasional instances in which the First Family Service Center can provide emergency financial aid for rental expenses. Support for these services can come from private grants or maybe the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Anyone that seeks either monetary or transitional housing must go through case management type services. The non-profit provides legal, personal, budgeting works, and more. They also partner with credit counseling agencies across Alabama on debt reduction plans. In addition, clients also need to meet with case managers from the Service Center on an ongoing basis.

The goal of all of this is for clients to develop a personal plan to tackle the root cause of their hardship. Typical steps will include the person needing to save a portion of their income for bills and attend job training. Or maybe if they are an immigrant in Alabama, ESOL classes will be required. But really anything can result from this case management process.

The Emergency Support Program is designed to offer, when possible, one time cash grants to a household facing a crisis situation. Any financial support will be targeted at families who were faced with an unexpected financial hardship that was not caused by them. The event needs to have negatively impacted the household’s financial stability.




When this occurs, Talladega County First Family Service Center may be able to help. There may be funds for partial payment of a past due essential utility bill or rent. Or free food or maybe a gift certificate will be provided to the family.  Most of the clients will also need to sign up for a Financial Education component.

Volunteers from the greater Talladega community will try to provide for low cost home repairs. This will be for income qualified people that live in owner occupied low- to moderate-income single-family homes. The clients will need to vulnerable, such as senior or disabled.

Any updates made to the home will be for addressing health and safety issues. Some of what can be done ranges from minor roof repairs to plumbing and electrical work. Or there can be installation of grab bars and similar updates. The goal is provide families with a better place to live.

Basic needs such as food or clothing

There is other support provided as well that will address nutritional shortfalls in families. Many children as well as seniors often have specialized dietary needs as well, and those can be satisfied. The First Family Service Center will also try to provide other household items such as clothing or school supplies, especially to children or parents that are going back to school.

Qualified lower income families will be given nonperishable grocery items. This will be distributed from the Family Service Center on-site pantry. It will in effect supplement their stock of food in the home. If someone is homebound, such as a senior, then the items can be brought to their home. This Family Service Center service will help people by provide nourishing meals for their household.




A thrift store can offer clothing assistance. Some people will be given a free voucher to go to the Thrift Store. At this site they can receive shoes, linens, clothing, uniforms, boots, and home items. Talladega County First Family Service Center will also help families impacted by a disaster. The voucher passed out will be valued up to a set amount based on the applicant income as well as population of household.

For more information on their services, the primary phone number is (256) 362-7254.


By Jon McNamara

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