Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation.

The community action agency for the counties of Franklin, Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland is the Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation. Low income residents, unemployed, seniors, and others can contact the staff at the organization for referrals and support. They are involved in offering families a number of services, some that are emergency type programs and others that are longer term training and employment resources.

The SIEOC office in Aurora Indiana is where the Salvation Army Extension office for Dearborn along with Ohio and Switzerland County can be found. It is a key partner, and the organization helps income qualified families with making food purchases, paying their rent and mortgage along with paying utility bills and obtaining prescription medications.

The Emergency Assistance Program from Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation is able to provide a variety of support for families in a crisis. This is only offered providing applicants are found income eligible. This may include money and grants towards gas bills, groceries, rent and other emergency needs. For example, there is a food pantry at 110 Importing Street in Aurora and also a center at Brookville satellite office at 528 Main Street, Brookville.

Self-sufficiency from the Family Development Program is voluntary for those families who are striving towards a certain lifestyle. The goal of the SIEOC program is to provide clients with information and advice on breaking down barriers. Guidance and support is offered so that they can reach stability in their lives.

This is available through home visits along with office visits to set goals and make assessments. Those participating are able to build up their strengths and resources. The family development program assists with offering referrals and information. Get help with needs such as education, housing, health care, transportation and employment/resume building, among other things.

Save money on heating bills from the government funded Weatherization Assistance Program. It will help low income families, the disabled and elderly bring down their energy costs. Services could also include health and safety evaluation of furnace and heaters, repairs and replacements of units, and extra insulation. The weatherization service has been designed to reduce the consumption of energy along with heating costs for people from counties such as Switzerland and Franklin.




The LIHEAP - Low income Home Energy Assistance Grant Program has been funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the state of Indiana. It offers assistance for paying energy costs. In Indiana the program has the name of the Energy Assistance Program.

When applying, all households from the area are treated equitably when determining eligibility. It will review households that are subject to a high energy burden and they respond quickly to anyone who is eligible and who has an emergency with their heating needs. The Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation Energy Assistance program assists to pay a portion of those costs, but doesn’t pay towards all the energy bill of the household.

Help with paying for rental housing is part of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. Families that are enrolled have freedom to choose their own private housing in southeastern Indiana, providing it meets the Housing Quality Standards. Those who are unemployed or underemployed have the opportunity to take part in the SIEOC Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

The goal of the FSS is to help clients with gaining employment and new skills so that families can become self-sufficient. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds the community action organization and coverage in Ripley and Dearborn.

The local Child Care Resource and Referral program serves the counties of Jefferson, Dearborn, Decatur, Ripley, Floyd, Franklin, Harrison, Jennings, and Washington, among others. It may offer guidance to families along with their child care providers. Parents are able to choose from a list of professional day care companies.

Head Start is a federally funded development program for those who need assistance. It is available as an option in just about every county. Those children taking part in Head Start can enroll into a wide variety of educational activities and health care resources while at the same time socializing with other children.





Members of the family, including the parents, are able to take part in training classes organized by SIEOC. They can get help on subjects such as bringing up children, health and nutrition and training for work. The Head Start program allows children to grow emotionally, socially and mentally.

The IDA Account Program is for low to moderate income residents of Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley and Switerland Counties in Indiana. The Individual Development Account program from Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation has been designed to help clients when it comes to developing financial skills and accumulate savings.

If you save money, the state of Indiana will then match the funds of the participant by up to a 3 to 1 ratio. Savings from IDA can be used for a variety of different things, including paying for the purchase of a home, post-secondary education costs, and rehabilitation of a primary residence. The savings can also be used to purchase or start up a business, along with expansion of a business, among other things.

If you are struggling, unemployed, or need referrals, the Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation may be able to assist. The offices are as follows.

Main Office, 110 Importing Street, Aurora, Indiana 47001, call 812.926.1585

A so called Satellite Office is at 528 Main Street in Brookville, Indiana 47012 Call 765.647.5967.



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