Housing assistance from South Oakland Shelter.

There are several housing resources administered by South Oakland Shelter. The non-profit covers a vast spectrum of what a client may need, ranging from Permanent Supportive Housing to Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) or placement into a shelter in Oakland County. This, and more (such as counseling) is administered.

The Homelessness Intervention Program assists families from Oakland County in crisis as they look for safe and suitable housing. There is also ongoing support from the team at the shelter as they work to maintain that housing. Case management services are also available to eligible families.

One component, the federally funded but South Oakland Shelter administered Emergency Shelter Grants are available to residents of Oakland County who are in arrears with rent or who require first month’s deposit assistance. Grants cover one month’s worth of rent or arrears. This program does provide very limited funding for security deposits.

This form of aid is also part of the RHH rehousing. Key partners include Oakland County Community and Home Improvement Division and others. Not only may there may funds for a security deposit, application fee or first months rent, but ongoing support will be given to the tenant so that they are not evicted again in the future.

Residents with an income of 50% of less of the area can apply to SHIFT, or the Supportive Housing for Individuals and Families in Transition. The program is available if the applicant is not eligible for any other support, and it will help them bridge the gap to self-sufficiency. South Oakland Shelter will provide short term, one time assistance for everything from energy bills to rent or a deposit for a new apartment.

Resources for the homeless provide housing and supportive services to this most vulnerable group. The client will need to take steps to resolve their challenges, but if so, then South Oakland Shelter will assist. The programs available are for those who are homeless and/or financially disadvantaged.

In response to the tremendous need for services that specifically target the homeless in Oakland County Michigan, South Oakland Shelter partners with non-profit organizations to assist the needy. They also offer pro-active solutions, namely homelessness prevention assistance.




South Oakland Shelter may also offer rapid re-housing, including funds for security deposits, as noted above. There is also permanent supportive housing, shelter, transitional homes and special needs housing. The shelter also provide other homeless support services such as food, employment, drug abuse and domestic violence programs, as well as  physical and mental health counseling.

Both emergency shelters and a program known as Chronic Leasing Assistance (C-LAP) are also available. These are for individuals from the community with no place to sleep for the night. Both meals, food, and other support will be arranged if needed. The resources are made as the result of partnerships with churches and congregations in Oakland County.

CLAP from South Oakland Shelter is for families with a chronic history of evictions or homeless events. The Department of Housing and Urban Development helps fund it. There are specific services for veterans as well as children or single moms. This program can help dozens of families at anyone time.

Permanent housing from South Oakland Shelter

The non-profit partners with The US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Section 8 Rental Assistance Program to provide financial assistance with rent payments to hundreds of lower income individuals, families, and seniors. Many of the applicants are moving on from the Chronic Leasing Assistance program above.

The Housing Authority and participating landlords enter into contracts stating that the government will make rental assistance subsidy payments directly to the landlords on behalf of the tenants. The tenants need to abide by the lease terms, and the Oakland County landlords will properly maintain the rental units.

If South Oakland Shelter enrolls a person, then the family then pays the difference between the total monthly rent and the subsidized amount. To be eligible for public aid, tenants must meet federal government income guidelines that take into account all income, including social security, public aid such as SSI, wages and interest on savings accounts. The review done by South Oakland Shelter is comprehensive.




All housing units in Oakland County are inspected by Housing Authority staff to ensure that they meet federal government mandated quality standards and are decent, safe, affordable, and sanitary. The organization enters into a one year contract with the landlord stating that the Housing Authority will make rental assistance payments on behalf of the tenant.

For more details on the South Oakland Shelter, the office is at 18505 W. 12 Mile Rd., Lathrup Village, MI 48067. Call 248.809.3773.


By Jon McNamara

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