Snohomish emergency assistance.

Emergency assistance and social services can help Snohomish County residents through a difficult period. Many of the programs are focused on low income families with children, seniors, and the disabled. However under the right situation almost anyone can receive emergency financial assistance or advice, if they qualify.

There is a tremendous need for emergency rent help. One of the leading government organizations to call is the Housing Authority of Snohomish County at (425) 290-8499. Rental assistance can be provided in the form of the following.

The Housing Authority of Snohomish County has three low income housing and rental assistance programs that residents can apply for. They include Tenant Based Assistance (Section 8), Senior and Disabled Housing and Low Income/Rent Public Housing. On all three of these housing/rental programs, the client’s portion of the rent that they need to pay is determined based upon their total household income. Typically people who apply and are found to be qualified for one or more of these programs will typically pay 30 percent of their total monthly household adjusted income for their rent and utility expenses.

Energy bill assistance can be applied to from the Snohomish County Human Services Community Action Partnership. Qualified families may be able to receive a grant up to one-time per heating season. The emergency grant and cash assistance needs to go towards paying the heat bill for eligible households.

Energy assistance can be used to pay the heating costs for all heat fuel types, whether oil, propane, natural gas, wood, or electric bills. The total grant provided by Human Services will be from $25 up to $1000. The exact amount will depend on the applicant’s total income, household size, and amount of bills. It is not necessary to be faced with a disconnection or shut off in order to get help. Households with Puget Sound Energy natural gas can be served all year, and others can only apply during the winter.

The grant money can of course be used to pay utility bills. However that is not the only service provided. Funds can also be used to repair heating systems, pay for a new unit, and energy conservation measures.

Housing for veterans can also be provided by the Snohomish County Human Services organization. Both homeless veterans and those faced with an eviction can get help from a number of resources. For example, a database/web page was created by the county listing referral information for services available to Snohomish County veterans, their immediate family members and/or the community at large. A couple places to call for more information include Everett Housing Authority (EvHA): 425-258-9222 as well as Housing Authority of Snohomish County (HASC) at 425-290-8499.





Weatherization services are provided, and they can help people save money on utility bills. The energy conservation measures available include insulation, air sealing, and other standard weatherization measures. Experts can offer energy conservation education. Get a free safety check on home heating systems. Technicians also check home ventilation set ups. For more information or to apply for services, call Snohomish County Human Services at 425-388-7205.

Project Self-Sufficiency offers counseling, case management and human services that can assist low income parents, single moms, the disabled, unemployed and others. Services can help people gain the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient.  For example, clients can get:

Access to support services such as vouchers to pay for emergency expenses and bills, job training, assistance in finding employment or education, and help in finding resources to support education or employment, such as funds for paying tuition, child care, transportation, and money for books.

  • Self-Sufficiency in Snohomish County can also help parent of low-income families increase their income through employment and education.
  • The program will also offer access to rent assistance and Section 8 housing vouchers.
  • Eligible veterans and their dependents in Snohomish County can receive financial help and advice from the Veterans' Assistance Program. The limited emergency assistance program can help with one or more of the following basic needs.
  • Helps veterans in applying for VA benefits and completing applications.
  • Provides emergency financial assistance for bills and expenses. Those who may get help include honorably discharged veterans, qualified dependents, and veterans' widows.
  • Arranges for alcohol/drug assessment and mental health treatment at a VA Medical Center in Snohomish County or somewhere in the state of Washington.
  • Provides legal advice and outreach to veterans at home and in jail.




Snohomish County Early Head Start – The federal government funded Head Start program is for families on a limited income and who also have a child who ranges in age from birth to five years old. Pregnant women may also qualify for Early Head Start. The Snohomish County Head Start partners with families to promote the development and growth of infants and toddlers. Services provided by Head Start include:

  • Health care, free food, nutrition, and mental health referrals
  • Various activities and counseling to strengthen the parent-child relationship
  • Weekly home visits by case worker or social services
  • Education and so called fun learning opportunities for children and families
  • Family goal-planning and goals for your child
  • Formula and nutritional foodstuffs
  • Play and Learn groups that are run twice per month
  • Parenting classes and leadership opportunities
  • Developmental screenings and educational assessments
  • Individual services, education, and assistance programs based on family strengths

The Human Services Department of Snohomish County Washington can be reached at 425-388-7200




By Jon McNamara

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