Skyline Community Action Agency Programs.

Working with low income families in counties such as Greene, Madison, and Orange Virginia, the Skyline Community Action Agency offers numerous support services and assistance programs. If they do not have what someone needs to address their hardship, then ask their case management service for referrals or other guidance.

The center is part of the nationwide community action agency network. They partner with government agencies and non-profits to coordinate services. They offer educational and information on employment opportunities. Other material and financial support may be offered for paying utility bills, housing costs such as rent, food, and much more.

The agencies Homelessness Intervention Program (HIP) helps with paying the rent or finding housing for families in crisis. Assistance with maintaining a suitable and safe place to live is offered, as well. Families or individuals from counties such as Madison or Orange who meet income-level criteria also have access to case management services to help ensure they keep the home over the long term.

Shelter or other social Services for the Homeless offers one-on-one counseling that leads to a determination of a client’s immediate and also their long-term needs. The program also supplies referrals to other local agencies for immediate assistance or loans that can be issued for bills or expenses. The aid can be for housing, rent or short-term financial support.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program assists very low income eligible families with obtaining safe, affordable, and decent housing or apartments. Section 8 from Skyline Community Action Program uses subsidized vouchers or certificates for financial help with paying monthly rental and utility bill payments.

The government originated vouchers make it possible for families to live in a home or apartment of their choosing, with the requirement that the home meets standards for safety determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Skyline CAP, Inc. acts as program administrator in Greene, Madison and Orange counties. The agency will also partner with VHDA (the Virginia Housing Development Authority), which is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.




The agency serves as a HUD-approved housing counseling agency as well. The Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program at Skyline CAP is authorized to provide counseling in regard to all aspects of ownership, including the buying and maintaining a home as well as preventing foreclosures. The free housing counseling services are provided without regard to race, religion, income or national origin of the applicant.

Those people from the service territory that are looking to purchase their first homes can access budgeting, credit counseling and home-buyer information through the First-Time Home-Buyers Program.

This educates clients on legal aspects of home purchasing and homeownership, on budgeting skills, home insurance issues, predatory lending, property taxes, home maintenance, and mortgage shopping skills. In addition, the non-profit will investigate credit history and help clients with improving their scores or reducing their overall debt levels.

Foreclosure Prevention, or the Resolving or Preventing Mortgage Delinquency or Default Program, provides both one-on-one and group counseling in restructuring home loans and debts. There is also help with establishing reinstatement plans, seeking loan forbearance, and managing household finances.

The program’s aim is to assist clients affected by predatory lending, foreclosure, and loss, through mitigation strategies. For clients facing foreclosure, the program provides support that includes direct negotiation with the lender. The over-riding goal is to prevent the foreclosure and keep the family housed.

Other rental and homeowner services are available. For one-on-one counseling in regard to understanding the various rental assistance programs, budgeting for monthly payments, rights of tenant and landlord, and the eviction process, Skyline CAP offers the Securing or Maintaining Residence in Rental Housing Program. While counselors do not actually find housing for clients, they do provide information and guidance about finding an ideal home to rent. They also touch on security deposit programs or loans for paying some of the moving costs.





In cases involving housing complaints, Fair Housing Counseling assists income qualified clients in evaluating the merits of their complaints. Referrals to a non-profit partner agency to complete the filing of a complaint under federal or state fair housing laws are also provided.

Skyline Community Action Programs (CAP) operates a Home Repair Services Program for homeowners living in dwellings in need of basic repairs required to preserve the health and safety of the occupants. Since funds are limited, priority is given to seniors and persons with disabilities. Another focus is on modifications for handicap accessibility available as needed.

In partnership with fellow public service agencies, Skyline also assists with repairs to homes with wastewater systems or that don't have access to safe drinking water. There may also be assistance with an existing system that is failing or noncompliant with basic standards.

Additionally, Skyline is offering free housing counseling services to guide homeowners through the repair process. They will review your household finances to ensure that the repairs are financially feasible and paid for. They will also provide guidance on how to select and oversee a contractor.

Learning to live within your means is the first step towards self-sufficiency. To accomplish this, Skyline CAP offers educational programming in regard to improving clients’ financial skills. Counselors are available in counties such as Orange to assist clients in reviewing their budgets and spending priorities.

Skyline’s Project Discovery Program gives students the opportunity to participate in weekly workshops to explore their career goals as well as options for life after high school. Participants are encouraged to take the most difficult classes they feel they can handle and to become involved in school and community activities.

Education is also from Head Start and Early Head Start. These are federally-funded United States Department of Health and Human Services programs that provide comprehensive health care, nutrition, education and parental-involvement services to low-income children and their families.

Head Start prepares children aged three to five for kindergarten by promoting healthy long term development. The aim of Skyline Community Action Agency and its teachers is to provide a positive environment for both child and family. In addition, job training and opportunities are available for Head Start parents. Program services are provided free of charge to all, and services are available for children with special needs across the service territory, including Madison and Orange.




Another resource, Early Head Start provides services for pregnant women and families with children from birth to age three. The program promotes strong family interactions, healthy prenatal care and healthy development of children from birth through toddlerhood.

There are a few offices of Skyline Community Action, or SKY CAP. They include the Greene Office, which can be reached at 434-985-6066 as well as the center in Madison. Call 540-948-2237 for information.


By Jon McNamara

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