San Joaquin County Neighborhood Preservation Division.

The San Joaquin department relies on government grants to fund a series of housing and homeless prevention programs. Some of the resources available include rental assistance for the disabled, senior citizens and also help for those families that are currently homeless. Qualified San Joaquin County residents can receive money to pay for security deposits, first months rent, referrals, and case management.

One of the main resources is the Supportive Housing Programs, or SHP. This county program provides support to disabled people that are homeless. They can receive access to low income, affordable housing or apartments as well as funds to pay their rent. Qualifying individuals can have disabilities such as a serious mental illness, some type of physical disabilities, or HIV/AIDS.

This federally funded Housing Program will distribute rent assistance along with other supportive services to homeless individuals and families. The goal is to help stabilize the individual over the mid to long term. Everything paid out or provided is intended to assist individuals in making a successful transition from homelessness to long term stability and independent living.

The Central Valley Low Income Housing Corporation processes applications for this program. They will coordinate any funds for paying rent or security deposits and the non-profit will also ensure that case management is offered. Some of the other support offered includes budgeting assistance/counseling, credit repair, education assistance, and job search preparation. Dial 472-7200 for further information or applications.

The second option is the San Joaquin County Shelter Plus Care, or SPC. This offers rent assistance for income qualified disabled individuals that are homeless. It is fairly similar to the other program offered by the Neighborhood Preservation Division indicated above. To learn more or apply, call the Central Valley Low Income Housing Corporation (CHLIVC). They can be reached at 472-7200 and their main office is located at 2431 W. March Lane, Stockton, California.

Both of these resources rely on money as provided by the federal government HUD's Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Grant. There is a formal application process in place, and funds may be available from year to year. The San Joaquin County Neighborhood Preservation Division works with local non-profit service providers in the area to administer it, and this can include the Salvation Army or local community action agencies.




New Directions is a housing program for residents that have had contact with the criminal justice system because of a history of substance abuse. This will often help homeless individuals in San Joaquin County. It will provide participants with low income housing units, shelters, and dormitories. Clients will also be able to receive ongoing supportive services which include group and individual counseling. Call New Directions at 870-6506 for more details.

Another key partner is Lutheran Social Services of San Joaquin and Northern California. They may have funds for paying rent and they provide other services in San Joaquin. This charity group can help the low income and seniors meet a number of other needs as well, such as food, employment, and more.

Lutheran Services also oversees a permanent supportive housing program that provides emergency rent assistance, case management and social support services to people facing eviction as well as homeless former foster youth with disabilities. Examples of these various supportive services include transportation assistance, case management, child care, and education assistance.

For more details on those or other services, call Lutheran Services of Northern California. The agency can be reached at 916-453-2900.



By Jon McNamara

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