San Francisco water bill assistance.

The San Francisco Community Assistance Program provides help for paying water bills. There are many parts of this service, and some of the resources provided by the assistance program include a 35% discount on sewer service charges and/or a 15% discount on water bills and expenses. There may also be one time credits provided to income qualified households. Various qualifications need to be met before receiving these discounts or other financial assistance from the city.

In addition to offering discounts and direct financial assistance to qualified customers, one of the primary objectives of the Community Assistance Program is to help participants conserve water, those reducing their need for additional help in the future. So clients will now also be required to participate in a free water conservation home evaluation.

This service is known as Water-Wise. It is an evaluation program that is administered by highly trained conservation specialists. It can lower a San Francisco family’s water bill even more than the 15 - 30% referenced above.

Based on the results of an assessment done, participants may be able to receive free faucets aerators, showerheads, fix the cause of costly plumbing leaks and a specialist can show individuals ways to conserve water in other ways. Last, but not least, as a special offer to CAP customers, the water company will also assess a customer’s eligibility for free replacement and installation of old, water-guzzling toilets with new efficient toilets and plumbing.

Many of the resources offered by the San Francisco Community Assistance Program are funded by donations from customers and local businesses, with various matching grants. You can therefore help a family in need of paying water bills, and at the same time help the city and people conserve precious drinking water by making a tax-deductible contribution to CAP today. It will be combined with other funds to make a difference in the county as well as city.

Your contribution, no matter how small or large, will help provide the less fortunate, seniors, and others in the greater San Francisco area with a short-term discount on their water, sewer, and wastewater bills. Funds contributed can also be applied directly to the bills of qualified customers to help stop a shut off.





Water-Wise will also help save the region’s precious resource of water. As once customers are enrolled, families in the assistance program will then be able to receive free installation of conservation measures, such as water-efficient toilets, low-flow fixtures, plumbing and other conservation tools in their homes that will dramatically reduce their water use. This will therefore in effect replace the need for a direct subsidy or cash grant in the future as people will benefit from lower water/wastewater bills for the long-term.

Eligibility for water bill assistance from the San Francisco Community Assistance Program includes the following: Both the water and sewer bill must be in the customer’s name and the address needs to be owner occupied. The customer will also need to agree to participate in the Water Wise home evaluation, which will of course help people conserve water. There are also various income scales in place that are influenced by the number of individuals in the household too. Much of the assistance is targeted at people who are faced with a crisis situation.

The primary objective of Community Assistance Program is to help qualified families avoid a shut off of their water service by providing discounts or credits on an account, and just as importantly save water in the future. This has many benefits to the community and participant, one of which it will help them lower the amount of their water and sewer bills. Interested customers can request a CAP application by contacting Customer Services at (415) 551-3000.




By Jon McNamara

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