Salt Lake City public assistance.

The vast majority of social services and public assistance programs are provided by the Salt Lake Community Action Program, working in partnership with the county government. They work closely with state and federal government resources to both receive funding and help people apply for those government resources. In addition, Salt Lake County will also funnel a significant amount of state, county and federal government money to non-profit, charities, for-profit groups, government agencies and other organizations to help the needy.

Some examples of the types of public assistance available in Salt Lake County include.

Homeless Prevention Services, and Rental Assistance – The County of Salt Lake is vigilant in its efforts to prevent homelessness and help both renters and homeowners. They will address both temporary and chronic housing issues. The county funds several non-profit organizations and public resources that aid in these efforts, as well as some of the local homeless shelters. If you are faced with an eviction or foreclosure on your home, then call one of the agencies below. Or if you are currently homeless and live in Salt Lake County, the organizations below may be able to rehouse you. Call one or more of the following. The Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake; The Salvation Army; Utah Legal Services; National Alliance for the Mentally Ill; Lifestart Village or Family Promise.

Home Ownership Assistance – If you are a first time homebuyer, and if you just need help in coming up with a down payment, then Salt Lake County may be able to help. They assist potential and future homebuyers with down-payment assistance and cash grants toward the purchase of a home.

Foreclosure Prevention – Homeowners who are currently behind on their mortgage, or who expect to fall behind in the future, have access to a number of free or low cost foreclosure assistance programs. Counseling on mortgage delinquency and foreclosure prevention is available through specialists from:

  • Salt Lake Community Action Program – Dial (801) 359-2444
  • Community Development Corporation - (801) 994-7222, ext. 102

When dealing with a foreclosure, you should always start by contacting free HUD-approved housing counseling agencies, which both of the organizations above are.





Salt Lake Housing Repairs and Rehabilitation - Several non-profit agencies are funded by Salt Lake County to help people repair their homes. They can perform rehabilitation work on properties through grants and low- or no-interest loans, and the focus is on making homes safe and livable, and to also help them become more energy efficient at the same time.

Refugee Public Assistance Programs - Salt Lake County helps fund several non-profit agencies and government organizations that work with refugees in the community. The Refugee and Immigrant Center at the Asian Association of Utah, through the Asian Association of Utah, provides counseling, job placement and training, housing, transportation, free legal aid, medical and other services. Contact Information is 1588 S. Major St., Salt Lake City, UT 84115, call (801) 467-6060.

Other social services and public assistance offered includes:

  • Head Start – Education, health care, and nutrition for low income kids, and other programs for parents.
  • Food Stamps – Get help and information on federal government SNAP food stamps.
  • Energy bill help – Includes Weatherization, which can help people save money on utility bills, and HEAT. This will provide direct cash assistance to use towards paying heating bills.
  • Rental Assistance – People on the verge of eviction may be able to get emergency funds for paying rent, or learn about low income housing and section 8 vouchers.
  • Advocacy – A case manager will support residents, provide information on other Salt Lake County public assistance programs, and more.

The Salt Lake Community Action Program is located 764 South 200 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 and can be reached at (801)359-2444. Or call the county social service department.



By Jon McNamara

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