Help from Saint George Catholic Church in Washington County Utah.

The assistance programs available from Saint George Catholic Church rely on volunteers and donations. As one example of how this works, the Helping Hands service provides transportation assistance in the form of low cost rides. Other support from Saint George in Washington County ranges from referrals, food, and items from their thrift store.

Saint George Catholic Church assists clients with their quest for basic needs, such as clothes or food, and also offers an Intensive Case Management Program. There is a particular focus on the chronically homeless or households that are living in poverty. Most of this form of assistance is available at the thrift store or from their referral service.

The agency will give them the assistance they need to make it though a short term crisis. This is why some clothing for work or school may be given. While most is sold at a reduced price, in some instances Saint George may offer free items using a voucher system.

Then the next goal will be to help the individual obtain housing in Washington County Utah, improve their self-sufficiency, and maintain their rent or mortgage payments on their own. Case Managers, many of them whom are volunteers, proactively work with individuals as well as entire families to establish case management plans. The process will also hold the person and accountable to their goals.

The items given or sold, which are given part of the Saint George Catholic Church thrift store, can free up the client's income so they can pay their bills on their own. It also allows the client to save money, ensure they have what they need for work, and more. All of this will in effect reduce the person's dependence on public assistance.

The location has been operating since the 1980s. Over the course of those years thousands of families have shopped at the thrift store and saved a significant amount of money. It has made a major difference in the local community, and over 100 people will tend to volunteer at the location.

The main other service from Saint George Catholic Church is Helping Hands. This is a ministry service for members of the parish only. Volunteers will help address transportation needs for a local trip. It is a short term solution.





Members of the Saint George community make take a senior citizen to a doctor appointment, or drive the homebound to an activity. There may also be rides arranged to the pharmacy or other critical, sometimes life-saving appointments.

The volunteers that are part of Saint George Catholic Church may offer referrals. But note that no financial aid is given directly by the church, but they can link the family to other Washington County Utah services. This is another service for members of the parish and local St George community.

After completion of an interview and assessment for a referral to financial aid, a Saint George Catholic Church volunteer counselor refers the eligible household to one or more of the following services. When it comes to rent or mortgage help, participants are assisted with stabilizing their housing situations. The homeless are given assistance with accessing decent, safe, and affordable housing in Washington County, and buyers get support in transitioning from tenancy to ownership.

Many scams are out there as well for people seeking financial aid in Washington County Utah. Therefore people will be given knowledge about predatory lending practices. Other aid includes Homeless Intervention and Stabilization, placement into Rental Housing, and applications to LIHEAP for utility bills.

The thrift store is located at 259 West 200 N, St George, Utah 84770. This is also where members of the parish can turn to referrals or intake to the Helping Hands Program. Or dial 435-673-2604.




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