Social services from Saint Francis House.

Services from Saint Francis House have helped the less fortunate in the Little Rock community. The assistance provided has enable families to find shelter, receive transportation to a job interview, receive referrals to employment, and also learn about other agencies in Pulaski County such as medical clinics or government grant programs.

All of the assistance is intended to both help the client make it through a crisis as well as put them into contact with resources for long term support. They have some of their own services as well, such as the Veteran Re-Entry Program. Whether it is short term access to food or funds for energy bills or rent, or credit counseling, information is available from Saint Francis House.

Financial aid and emergency assistance from Saint Francis House

The non-profit partners together with local businesses, individuals and others such as churches to meet the needs of the working poor as well as homeless. They also can direct clients to the Arkansas Benefit Bank. There are volunteers that meet, and the agency also runs group gathering of many of these agencies in Pulaski County. The response to this form of cooperation among agencies in the area is welcoming.

There is assistance arranged for adults, single moms and children. Other key clients are veterans, and they are supported from the St. Francis Houses’s Elm Street center. Volunteers and social workers from agencies build relationships with these individuals and refer them to financial aid and basic needs. Together these groups have helped people in a number of ways.

Emergency Housing and Rent programs are for families who are facing eviction or there may be support for those that are living in local motels or on the streets. Funds can be provided to these individuals to help them pay the bills or expenses for any accommodations they need. There may be cash assistance for first months rent or a security deposit on a hew home, or maybe energy bills if that were to stop an eviction.

Participating churches and non-profit agencies in Little Rock held coordinate this. If there is no financial aid available for the rent, then there may be placement into a shelter or a voucher to pay for one night's lodging in a motel. However note that any applicants will be crosschecked for previous motel stays at the expense of the public. This program can't be abused and is intended to be a only for a one time emergency.




The client will also go through an evaluation. This is done as the case manager from Saint Francis House will make recommendations for long term solutions to the underlying causes of their homeless status.

Basic needs ranging from food to clothing

Saint Francis House arranged housing services are combined with basic basic needs. Any assistance is for helping to solve the immediate needs of community residents who are in crisis. Programs may be able to offer the items needed for daily living, including food, medical supplies and gently used clothing.

Anyone seeking help, such as a box of food, will need to meet with a case manager to identify available resources in Pulaski County. Or they will learn about government grants and aid programs. When resources allow, services are available free of charge and based on the applicant's need.

Saint Francis House emergency services, or those from partners, range from clothing, diapers for newborns, children baby items, formula, hygiene products and cleaning products. There may be suits or dresses for work, school supplies for children, and more.

Saint Francis House will provide a monthly food distribution to all qualified low-income households in the service area. Eligibility for a box of food is income-based, and households must provide proof of address in Little Rock as well as picture ID. Households can stop in at the local pantry for the monthly distribution. This is only available on a walk-in basis a few times per calendar year.

A local soup kitchen is also available. This is mostly offered using volunteers from local churches and several organizations. They prepare and serve meals using donations of food and money donated from the community. Clients include transients, low income, the homeless, elderly, children, unemployed, and disabled. When seeking a meal from Saint Francis House, there are no qualifications required as well as no questions asked.

To make the programs from the pantry or soup kitchen possible, one-time contributions as well as regular monthly donations make up a large portion what is disbursed. Other ways to contribute include “mini” food drives or fund raisers. The soup kitchen also relies on church groups in Pulaski County, civic organizations, and the Combined Federal Campaign sponsored by federal government workers.





Personal Hygiene Items are given out by Saint Francis House too. The very low income can often struggle to pay for simple essentials they need for work or school. Volunteers and donations from the community help supply and hand out soap, batteries, toothpaste, soap, detergent, paper products or cleaning supplies for a home, etc. This is a great time to donate items so that the non-profit can help them homeless and working poor.

Medical needs for the under or uninsured are met by the St. Francis House Community Clinic. Everything is offered in confidence, and health care is arranged in a similar fashion to a doctor's office. If qualified, the clinic will help arrange for the monthly distribution of medications to the client.

Any request for help is combined with more, such as free Budgeting and Credit Services. Counselors from local agencies can help clients manage their finances in a variety of ways. This includes budgeting, employment, and tips on saving money. So any request for services from the food pantry or financial aid are combined with ongoing advice. For more details, call 501-664-5036 or stop by 2701 S. Elm, Little Rock, AR 72204.




By Jon McNamara

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