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Saginaw County Community Action Committee assistance programs.

The assistance programs administered by the Community Action Committee of Saginaw County are extensive. While financial funding is limited, and the non-profit relies on resources such as the Community Service Block Grant, the agency will do its best. They may be able to offer help for heating bills, rental payments, and more. Other priorities will be providing food and groceries and assisting the elderly population of Saginaw. Additional support services can be administered as well.

Funds from rent, heating bills or food programs

The Emergency Services Program is for qualified low income families or residents. They use annual grants from Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, FEMA emergency food and shelter as well as the CSBG Community Service Block Grant program. When resources allow, Saginaw CAC will offer some or all of the following.

  • Utility and heating assistance to prevent a disconnection, including help for Consumer Bills.
  • Rental assistance. This includes grants to pay a security deposit, low income loans for housing or first month’s rent, and other eviction prevention support.
  • For those facing homelessness, there may be support to stop a foreclosure, funds to pay property taxes or help pay a portion of back rent.
  • Referrals to other non-profits, charities, and local churches.

Applicants who qualify for any one of the various federal government program guidelines are invited to take advantage of free food assistance programs that are administered by the Saginaw County CAC. There are local pantries as well as programs such as the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). The food and groceries supplied are intended to be a supplement to what the individual currently has available to them. The program is funded by the state of Michigan as well as the Department of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Another food service offered by the Saginaw County Community Action Committee is the Urban Gardening Program. This offers residents of all income levels the opportunity to grow nutritious food gardens using seeds and educational services available at CAC.




The main objective of the Michigan Enrolls Program is to educate federal government Medicaid beneficiaries about available health insurance plans. Staff also offer them guidance with choosing a primary care physician as well as a health plan for their needs. Participants learn which local doctors or hospitals accept which health plans, and are given the opportunity to ask questions.

Referrals to other services are offered by Saginaw County Community Action Committee, including the following. Learn about free Home Delivery of Meals, get help with Housing or Landlord Issues, Information on Medicare/Medicaid, Minor Home Repairs, and information on saving on Energy Costs.

The Saginaw County Community Action Agency Deliverable Fuel Program supplies potentially hundreds of dollars in heating fuel, including kerosene, propane, fuel oil, coal, wood, or heating fuel pellets (as the sole heating source).

Weatherization Assistance is another energy program. This can help low-income families manage high utility bills by improving the energy efficiency of homes. The Saginaw CAC weatherization measures, such as repairing or replacing inefficient appliances, insulating, and air sealing, will save people money. In addition, weatherization will make your home more comfortable, safe, and environmentally efficient. As an example to illustrate how much money may be saved, at current prices, weatherized homes average more than $400 in savings every year.

The Community Service Block Grant is only available as funding permits. Working with the Department of Human Services, Saginaw County CAC's Tax Assistance program has helped low-income individuals and households with preparing state of Michigan and federal tax forms. It can also assist with Homestead Property Tax Credits as well as even Prescription Medication Credits.





Community action programs for seniors in Saginaw County

Minority Advocacy and Senior Outreach offers outreach to elderly and senior citizens to help identify problems and provide referrals to available Saginaw County services. The community action agency will employ a staff of outreach workers. They will advocate for senior services and the establishment of new assistance programs and government benefits to provide the elderly with needed resources.

Saginaw County CAC also provides free materials and labor for home repairs for seniors and disabled people. Examples of available repairs include Weatherization Measures, Repair or Replacement of Roofs, Gutters, or Chimneys, Kitchen Modifications, Installation of Railings and Grab Bars, and more.

Home maintenance services are also offered by Rebuilding Together. It will make homes safe and livable. This also offers very basic home maintenance services for seniors.

Mortgage programs in Saginaw County

For homeowners facing foreclosure or that are behind on their mortgage payments, Saginaw CAC's Housing Counseling programs are here to help clients get back on track. Approved by both Michigan State Housing Development Authority as well as HUD, the programs offer free or low cost housing and credit counseling to any individual or family threatened with foreclosure or rental eviction.

The housing programs also provide information about mortgage refinance options, loan work-out sessions with lenders, follow-up support upon the completion of a work-out package, and other tips to cope with foreclosure. Topics address are Foreclosure Prevention, Mortgage Default and Delinquency Counseling, Educational Support, General Financial Management Education, and foreclosure workshops.

Access job training and self-sufficiency

Case management services are part of Dream Catchers for Life. Staff from the community action agency provide services and support that will enable clients to work toward the goal of living without the assistance of government programs or benefits. As part of this process, a social worker offers intake, assessments, and then a plan for stability.

The program offers referrals, support services, advocacy, and ongoing follow-up activities that are necessary to remove the difficulties faced by low income or unemployed families as they try to move forward.





One support service offered by Dream Catchers for Life is a Job Readiness class that prepares participants for searching for and obtaining a job. As part of this, they can enroll into workshops for Money Management, presenting units on Employment Training, Computer Technology, and Parenting Skills. They may also be placed into positions with local Saginaw Michigan employers.

Training for GED is also available at various Prep Classes. These were established for those participants who were unable to graduate from high school. The classes provide assistance in studying or preparing to take the GED test. Sessions address math skills, offer Basic Skills Literacy training, and other aid for those who may have already obtained a high school diploma but still lack in the necessary basic skills to pass the Michigan GED.

Applying for help from Saginaw County Community Action Committee

Saginaw County Community Action Committee is based at 2824 Perkins Street in Saginaw, Ml 48601. Call them at (989) 753-7741. A second office is at 800 South 20th Street.


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