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Water bill assistance Sacramento.

Discounts and credits on your water bill can be provided to Sacramento County California residents from the Utility Rate Assistance Program (URAP). Help is also available for wastewater expenses, as additional savings can be obtained for your sewer bills and related costs as well. The URAP provider is willing to work with customers to find some form of solution to any hardship that they may be facing.

Assistance is only offered for low income and other qualified customers that meet all terms in place. The URAP program was created mainly to help customers that have been impacted by the recent rate increases. When possible, the county will provide you with a monthly credit on your account in an effort to make your payment more affordable. While the savings will vary and the exact amount is based on many factors, such as your income level, the Sacramento Utility Rate Assistance Program can help households save as much as $72 per year on their water, sewer and wastewater bills.

A formal application process is in place. All interested residents will need to apply and provide proof of income, expenses, and more. The income levels will be based on government poverty guidelines that will also consider the number of people that live in your household. Therefore the income thresholds may change each year.

Qualifying low income or unemployed households will see up to a $6 credit per month on their sewer and water bills. A total of 12 monthly credits may be provided over the course of the year, and that is equivalent to the total annual savings of over $70. This discount can go a long way towards helping lower income families pay for some of the recent increases in their water bills.

Some of the other conditions in place are as follows. As indicated, your income will be reviewed. This will include the number of people in your household as well as your total annual gross income. The more people that live at the address, the higher your income can be. Also, the customer must reside at the property where the discount is being received, so this assistance is not for second homes. The program will only provide assistance with water bills on a single family residence, condominium or town homes in Sacramento County.

In some cases, renters may be able to qualify. In these instances, the tenant needs to have a formal lease agreement with the landlord that states the tenant’s responsibility for the city utility services. In other words, the applicant needs to be the one responsible for paying the water bills. In addition, the property owner must have a Tenant-Lease agreement on file with the city.

The application process has been streamlined in an effort to make it simple, fast, and easy. The customer needs to complete the Utility Rate Assistance Program/URAP application. They will need to indicate and also prove the total Gross Monthly Income for all occupants as well as owners of the property. Also, they need proof, including ID, for the number of people living in the household. The family will need to attach copies of all applicable income documentation. Then they will need to both date and sign the application and mail it with copies of their income documentation. Applications are available in multiple languages, including Spanish.





Contact information for water bill help in Sacramento

If you have additional questions on the program, or to request an application, call the City of Sacramento at 916-808-5454. Representatives can walk you through the process, explain how to apply for the URAP program, and they may even offer some households other support.

Other assistance is provided as well. They may be able to review with you any payment plans or extensions that you may be entitled to on your account. For those Sacramento families that have had their water disconnected, the company will review with you any possible financial assistance for paying deposits or reconnection fees.

By Jon McNamara













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