Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services programs.

There are a few main priorities from the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, and they focus on feeding the hungry and low income, distributing clothing, and addressing self-sufficiency by coordinating educational support. Tens of thousands of families, including single parent households, seniors, and the disabled, turn to the Sacramento Food Bank for help on an annual basis.

A clothing closet is available, and it operates as a client choice facility. The items are offered to income qualified families across Sacramento County. What may be provided, depending on donation levels, is the following. There can be free school items, men’s or women’s clothing, children’s items, winter coats, shoes, school uniforms, business attire, umbrellas and much more. While the amount of items provided will vary, people will normally get several free pieces of clothing per visit, if they are found qualified.

Or course, food assistance is provided, and is the main priority. In fact, this is the main focus of the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services agency. It is to feed the hungry and struggling in the community. Most clients can get up to five days of free groceries, perishables and food, and the items may include fresh fruit, grains, vegetables, baby formula and dairy items. The groceries distributed by the center due come from a variety of sources including organic farmers, donations from local grocery stores and the larger community.




The food bank is fairly unique in how it operates. It operates similar to a local farmers' market, and clients can get the goods they need, access information on health and nutrition, enroll into classes, and gain benefits to other social services. One other program that is part of the food bank is the Demonstration Garden, and this where classes and workshops are held for the community on healthy cooking and eating habits. If the client needs other support, then Family Services can link them to an additional food pantry in their area for the assistance they need.

Adult education can help clients gain self-sufficiency, and hopefully, ideally employment. A number of classes and services are available, including things such as English as a Second Language, GED preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, Adult Basic Education (ABE), or help with conducting job searches. Other resources, offered in partnership with Employment Development Department and Asher College, include computer classes, resume building workshops and specialized software courses, such as Excel, Welcome to the World of Computers, internet basics, and Microsoft Word.





A high school degree is critical in the ultra-competitive northern California job market. This is the bare minimum that people need, and the GED classes as well as the Adult Basic Education tutoring can help clients of SFBFS meet this goal. If students need it, English as a Second Language classes will also be held.

A number of immigrants and unemployed use these programs. However, an even larger percentage of students and participants are the under employed, such as those looking for new skills or the working poor. Teachers and counselors will help participants gain new skills and future employment.

Similar to above is the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services Youth Education program, and it offers teenagers and younger residents a number of services. They can enroll into educational support and gain access to cutting edge technology and the latest technology. One component of this is a quasi-daycare center, known as the Playcare Academy, and this is for parents and their children that are in job training or educational programs.

Senior citizens in Sacramento County can get help. There are programs such as the Eskaton’s Telephone Reassurance Program, which offers them free advice, companionship, information on resources such as Meals on Wheels, emotional support and volunteers even deliver nutritious groceries or meals to them.

The resources from SFBFS’ address hunger and nutritional needs of the older members of the community. They are empowered to get the help and support they need for fighting hunger and other challenges, whether that is meals on wheels or applications to public aid such as SNAP food stamps.

Volunteers are a key part of this. They visit seniors in their home or a center, deliver meals (even on the holidays), and offer just companionship. Please do donate time or goods if you can.

Addressing the poor, struggling, and just those looking for new skills, the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is a leading organization to contact. The address is 3333 Third Ave, Sacramento, California 95817. Call the center at (916) 456-1980.



By Jon McNamara

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