Basic needs from Sacramento County Love Inc.

While direct aid is not provided by Love Inc. in Sacramento, the faith based group operates a clearinghouse and referral service. A number of churches in northern California have partnered together with the service in an effort to help the needy, low income, and families that are struggling, and what Love does is refer people to those programs.

If there is not a local resource available that can help the applicant, then volunteers can provide other information as well. For example, they can be a source of information for government benefits such as Cal Fresh food stamps or low income housing. However the first goal is to always refer a caller to a church based service in Sacramento County.

While more details are below, what may be offered includes furniture, food, help for work needs such as clothing, household and personal goods, school supplies and more. Volunteers from the region also provide assistance with basic needs, such as transportation or yard maintenance for senior citizens.

The way the Clearinghouse works is as follows. Residents should call 916-383-3232. Volunteers or staff from Love will take the individuals information and see what they may be qualified for, if anything. So the person will then be referred to a church, charity, or some other non-profit in northern California. Some examples of what may be offered are below.

Some of the key partner churches are that run the ministries include New Covenant Church of the Nazerene, Southpointe Christian Church, Lutheran Center, First Church of God, Southpointe Christian Center, Greenhaven Lutheran Church, and also Southpointe Christian Center. However, as noted, Love can offer referrals and other support as needed.

New or single moms can get help from a Layette Ministry. As resources and donations allow, there may be free diapers or formula from a pantry. Other goods can include furniture such as a crib, blankets, baby bottles, blankets, and other necessary baby supplies. Churches and volunteers collect these items on behalf of the Love Clearinghouse.




Extensive assistance is for seniors. The volunteers from the community or a local church can help the elderly with activities such as shopping, provide a ride to a local doctor office, help with completing minor yard work, and similar services. Clients can also use local Meals on Wheels services so they can have food brought to their home.

Love Inc. will also try to arrange for minor yard work or repairs to a home, such as patching a roof. Other activities in Sacramento California can include house cleaning, a visit on the holiday, or cooking a meal. All of this can help an elderly member stay independent.

Thrift stores are available too. These are run in partnership with the Love organization and other groups (such as the Salvation Army), and are open for the general public. Everything from low priced school supplies to clothes and Christmas toys are sold by this ministry, and the funds raised are kept in the community to fund other services.

Some mechanic may occasionally help with car repairs, however this is rare. When it is offered, they will normally only provide labor, and the parts or any extra costs will need to be provided by the client. Also, this may not always be a free service, but rather rates will be discounted.

The use of the car will need to be for work or employment reasons, and will often involve preventing a job termination if the person did not have transportation available to the workplace. Love Inc. can also help arrange short term rides in a crisis, for say job interviews or a critical medical appointment.

Food banks and clothing closets are available from local ministries in Sacramento County. Love Inc. clearinghouse can refer low income families and those facing poverty to fresh fruits or vegetables, non-perishable food, Christmas baskets, Thanksgiving meals and more.




Personal hygiene items are also offered. Donated goods may be for residents of Sacramento, including the homeless, that can’t afford to purchase toiletry, cleaning supplies, or similar items on their own. One challenge is that programs such as Cal Fresh do not pay for these items either, so too many families struggle with them.

Those are just some of the assistance programs and items offered by churches that are part of the Love Inc. network. However, much more may be offered by the Sacramento Clearinghouse, and if the charity or its churches can’t meet the callers needs, they will offer referrals. Other programs in the region include minor repairs for appliances such as tunes ups to an AC unit, painting of homes, and more. Everything depends on donations and volunteers so, so of course it is limited. Call 916-383-3232.


By Jon McNamara

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