Rowan Helping Ministries crisis programs.

The main assistance programs available from Rowan Helping Ministries are below. They include shelter, emergency funds from a crisis network, soup kitchens, and more. All resources are limited and depend heavily on donations, the partnership of local churches, and even limited federal government grants.

Much of the aid that is paid out is part of the Crisis Assistance Network. This is Rowan Helping Ministries primary source of emergency funding. There are numerous conditions that need to be met by applicants, and all funds and resources are very limited. Some of what may be offered in Salisbury County includes the following.

  • Utility bill help, such as electric, gas, heating and similar costs, maybe even water.
  • Emergency rental assistance is available from the Network for those with an eviction notice.
  • Other more limited help may be for deposits, medications, and other emergency needs.

The application process from the Rowan Helping Ministries is extensive. Clients will generally need to have a Photo ID for every member of the home.

They also need a Social Security Card or Proof of income. This may include SSI or pension income too.Applicants will also need proof of expenses, copies of bank statements, unemployment claims, and much more. They will need proof from a local court, such as an eviction notice, copies of disconnection notice, proof from the North Carolina Employment Security Commission, and full details of the hardship. The Rowan Helping Ministries staff and case managers take an exhaustive process in reviewing applications.

As noted a few times, Rowan Helping Ministries' funds are limited. Case managers need to fully understand your crisis, and see proof of it. The applicant needs to have a plan in place to gain stability, and pay their bills on their own in the near future.

From time to time, there may be some government grants available in Salisbury County. These may be able to help with expenses such as security deposits or there may be hotel or motel vouchers. However, these are even more limited. Those programs will also come with their own eligibility conditions.




Temporary Shelter, as well as assistance for the guests, is available from churches and the Ministry in Salisbury. Guests will also get free meals and case management. Personal hygiene items can be met as well, such a showers, clothing, or soaps. Call (704) 637-9355. Space and capacity is limited.

Rent subsidized housing is available for single parents. There are only a few units available, and are known as the Eagle Nest number one or number two. The parent will need to pay a program fee or small dollar rent on a monthly basis. They will also need to agree to attend various self-improvement programs such as counseling, budgeting and other parenting classes. So they really serve as a form of transitional housing in the Salisbury community.

Case management and a form of life coaching is available. It will help people overcome challenging situations and work through barriers. Examples of what is offered includes classes on Resume Writing, Food Preparation, Interviewing Skills, Dress Attire, and more.

Help from food and meal services

Rowan Helping Ministries Soup Kitchen will have a free noon meal for the hungry and less fortunate. There are no restrictions in place. Some churches will also have special Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas meals and celebrations as well.

The ministry also has information on local pantries. These may be located at churches, per below, or other locations in Salibury County North Carolina. Free groceries, emergency boxes of food, and other items may be passed out.




Some of the key partners of the ministry include First Presbyterian Church as well as John Calvin Presbyterian. However many other charities contribute. If the Rowan Helping Ministries and their crisis program can’t help, then referrals may be offered. For more information, the center is at 226 N Long Street, Salisbury, North Carolina 28144. Another location in the town is at 780 Grampian Road Mount Ulla, NC 28125. Phone: (704)-633-5771.


By Jon McNamara

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